How Often Do Men Get Super Likes On Dating Apps?

How Often Do Men Get Super Likes On Dating Apps?

Not that often.

Super likes are a strong indication that someone likes you.

A guy who has been super liked by a girl is her way of showing him that she is super interested in him.

She has a star icon on her dating profile that shows him that she has super liked him.

When her dating profile shows up, he instantly knows that she is super interested in him.

It takes the guesswork out of whether the girl would like him or not.

She has already indicated that she does.

This allows him to swipe right on her and immediately get matched without having to wait and hope that she swipes right on him too.

There are clearly advantages to this.

You don’t get to waste a swipe and you already know that she is interested in you.

It would be a dream for most men to get super likes from women on dating apps, but a select few receive them.

Some never receive a single super like.

As a man, you have better chances of receiving super likes within the first week or two of signing up on a dating app.

This is when your dating profile is being promoted heavily by the dating app’s algorithm.

Being that your dating profile is being presented to a large number of eyeballs, you could average a handful of super likes during this period.

Once you are weeks into your membership, the super likes dry up.

From here, the super likes are a lot more random at best.

There is a hike in super likes when certain special occasions arrive.

For example, the average guy sees a hike in the number of super likes he gets around special occasions like Valentine’s Day and the New Year.

Valentine’s Day is a period where people celebrate their partners.

Women who don’t have partners normally feel left out during this time.

This leads to an increase in their dating app activity.

She is more generous with super likes during this time so as to feel better about her situation.

She is hoping that there is someone out there for her and that she won’t be single when the next Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Women who are single over New Year’s Day go through a lot of the same emotions.

She sees her girlfriends and family members welcoming the New Year with a partner and this makes her sad and lonely.

Her dating app activity soars during this period.

She initiates a greater number of super likes in the hopes that she doesn’t have to spend the next New Year’s celebration as a single person.

These hikes in super likes for men during special occasions are temporary.

It’s a good idea to be active on dating apps around these special occasions, so as to take advantage of the increased number of super likes that men normally receive.

All in all, a select few men receive the bulk of super likes from women on dating apps.

These are men who have exceptionally attractive photos on dating profiles that are constantly promoted across all platforms of the dating app.