Online Dating: Do You Keep Swiping While Dating A Person, Before You’re Officially Partners?

Online Dating: Do You Keep Swiping While Dating A Person, Before You're Officially Partners?

There isn’t a reason not to keep swiping.

You aren’t officially partners.

There are no guarantees that you two are destined to be in an official relationship.

To keep on swiping while dating this person makes all the sense in the world.

Too often, people think that they are doing something wrong in continuing to swipe while dating someone who is yet to be an official partner.

They feel guilt, as though they are cheating.

You aren’t cheating.

The two of you aren’t officially partners.

For all you know, she is going out on dates with various men she is swiping on too.

Never feel guilty about this.

It is wise to keep swiping while dating someone that is yet to be an official partner, as it keeps you from putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Too many people make the mistake of holding back on swiping when they are dating someone.

Too excited about the person.

Too caught up on how good the person is making them feel.

This doesn’t always work in favor of the one who is holding back on swiping.

One of the greatest advantages of using a dating app is in having access to a large population of dating prospects.

Dating is a numbers game.

Having access to these many dating prospects gives you an advantage that you don’t encounter in your day to day life.

It would be a waste to ignore these dating prospects, and sticking to dating the one person, when you two aren’t officially partners.

Swiping on dating prospects is how you keep yourself from getting too wrapped up in any one person you are dating too prematurely.

Regardless of how good it is now, you don’t have a crystal ball that has divine insight into how this plays out.

What are the chances that she tells you that it has been great dating you, but she has met someone else, and he is a much better match for her?

Imagine that.

Now you are left out in the cold.

In this scenario, you had stopped swiping while dating her, putting all your eggs in one basket, and she rewarded you by telling you that there is another guy she prefers.

Hopefully, it never comes to this.

Let’s hope that she is the perfect match for you and it won’t be too long now before you two make it official.

But you don’t have a crystal ball.

Keeping your dating options open is your best option at this stage.

Be honest about it too.

Don’t lie about the fact that you are swiping on people, were she to ask you about it.

Transparency is a significant ingredient when online dating.

The idea that you are swiping gives her the notion that she isn’t the only one you are venturing out on dates with.

This alone has the effect of making her take you seriously, which bodes well for you, especially if you are liking the dates you are having with her.

If she has been seriously connecting with you on these dates, the knowledge that you are swiping on dating prospects injects a sense of competition in her, and an unwillingness to let you be taken from her by someone else.

It won’t be long before you know whether there is a mutual desire to transition into official partners.

Where there is a mutual agreement to make this transition, this is your go-ahead to stop swiping.