Online Dating: Do Men Take Horrible Pictures On Purpose?

Online Dating: Do Men Take Horrible Pictures On Purpose?

It’s getting ridiculous.

The pictures you see of men on dating apps have gotten so bad, you are genuinely wondering whether they take these horrible pictures on purpose.

You have seen it all.

Pictures taken from such a distance, you can barely make out the guy.

Pictures taken in the dark or at such wide angles, his face morphs into something alien.

Name it, you have seen it.

These men must know that these are horrible pictures that make it less likely that women want to match with them.

Don’t they?

You want to believe that these men have the common sense to know this.

If they do know, why do they keep posting such horrible pictures?

Some of these men aren’t bad looking either.

Nonetheless, whatever good looks he possesses is lost in the ugliness of the pictures he chooses to post on his dating profile.

Here’s the thing.

Men that post horrible pictures on dating apps aren’t used to taking pictures of themselves or having pictures of themselves taken.

Unlike women who are constantly posting pictures on their social media and get used to constantly being in front of tons of eyeballs, men aren’t anywhere near this experienced in how to take pictures.

This lack of experience in taking pictures makes these men unaware of what a quality picture looks like.

He never asks his sister, mother, aunt, etc., for their input before posting a horrible picture to his dating profile.

Asking for the opinion of women in his life would go a long way in giving him direction on what types of pictures to post to his dating profile.

Being women, they are posting pictures of themselves on their social media constantly.

They have gained knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.

Whenever they post a picture and receive a bunch of likes or attention, they know that pictures in that vain garner approval.

As a result, they post more pictures like that.

Through trial and error, women learn what types of pictures have the greatest impact on an audience.

He doesn’t have anywhere near that level of experience.

The last picture he posted on his social media was of his pet fish.

As a dude, he is clueless.

Since most guys don’t ask for the opinion of the women in their lives before posting their pictures to a dating app, they end up posting horrible pictures that puts them at a disadvantage.

Pictures used on a dating app are the primary factors that attract matches.

When a guy doesn’t do it right, his dating profile doesn’t get matches.

Unfortunately, these men think that pictures aren’t that important.

He thinks that as long as he posts a picture that gives women a decent idea of what he looks like, this is good enough.

It isn’t.

Pictures taken in the dark, from a distance, at weird angles, etc., are nowhere near good enough to get the attention of women on a dating app.

Many of these men learn this the hard way.

Once he has been on a dating app for weeks without matches, he realizes that something is gravely wrong.

He takes the right lessons from this and takes better pictures of himself to post on his dating profile.

Meanwhile, the stubborn men blame the dating app for their lack of matches and go to another dating app to repeat the exact same mistake.