Is It Normal To Talk To Multiple Guys At Once On A Dating App?

Is It Normal To Talk To Multiple Guys At Once On A Dating App?

It is.

The idea behind dating apps is to get people exposed to lots of dating prospects.

In having this exposure, said people have a wide array of dating choices.

Dating is a numbers game.

The more people you are exposed to, the higher the likelihood you encounter someone of interest who matches you best.

In talking to multiple guys at once on a dating app, you are doing exactly what dating apps were designed for, and giving yourself the best chance of meeting your best match.

I know, it feels strange.

Talking to multiple guys at once isn’t something that you are used to doing.

When you have been courted by guys in the real world, you never spoke to this many at once.

That’s the difference between guys you meet in the real world and guys you meet on dating apps.

There are way more of them on dating apps.

Unlike guys you meet in the real world, guys on dating apps are a lot more willing to send you signals of romantic interest.

He is bolder on a dating app.

A guy in the real world isn’t as bold to come up to you and initiate a conversation.

How often have you been approached by guys in the real world in comparison to guys who approach you on dating apps?

It’s not even close.

Guys on dating apps are so much bolder in approaching and there are just so many more of them than what you have in the real world.

This is why getting on dating apps can be overwhelming, especially for a woman.

The high volume of attention takes some getting used to.

Most women aren’t used to this amount of attention.

And yes, for some, it gets to be too much and they quit online dating altogether.

You don’t have to do anything this drastic.

Being smart in how you manage the attention you are receiving from all these guys is your best approach.

You don’t have to respond to all of them.

Too many women who are new to online dating make the mistake of thinking that they have to respond to every message or interest signal.

She thinks that she has to do this to be polite.

You don’t.

In responding to every message or interest signal, you are setting yourself up for absolute exhaustion.

Responding to these messages and interest signals becomes like a second job.

This is what leads so many women to quitting online dating too prematurely.

To avoid this, don’t respond to every message or interest signal.

Only respond to guys who meet what it is you are looking for in a partner.

This means that you shouldn’t get too caught up on his photos.

Be sure to read his dating profile as well, with a fine tooth comb.

A partner is more than a handsome face.

The better you are at reading dating profiles and picking up on what a guy represents, the faster you find your match.

In this vain, it is better to talk to a manageable number of guys simultaneously that meet your criteria.

This means that you aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket.

This sets you up to pinpointing which one of these guys is your perfect match.