Online Dating: What Do You Do With Unsuccessful Dates After Adding Them On Social Media?

Online Dating: What Do You Do With Unsuccessful Dates After Adding Them On Social Media?

It’s a little awkward when you go out on a date or a few dates with someone, it doesn’t work out, and you are left as a follower on each other’s social media.

It leaves you wondering what to do in this circumstance.

Given that these were unsuccessful dates, it begs the question of what to do about the social media situation.

You two were never true friends.

You met on a dating app and added each other on social media with romantic intentions.

Now that those romantic intentions are mute, what now?

You should unfollow her.

This is the safest route, and it circumvents redundant complications.

Remember, you two weren’t friends to begin with, and after adding each other on social media, a friendship never blossomed.

It was a means to communicate, motivated by the potential for romance.

The romance didn’t work out.

There is no reason for you to remain a follower.

Remaining a follower complicates your life to an extent.

There is a temptation for the person who was hoping for romantic success to keep holding on to the dream of romance.

Let’s say you are the one who was hoping for romance and was disappointed that she called it off after a few unsuccessful dates.

Remaining a follower on social media makes it harder for you to move on.

You are constantly looking out for her posts, desperately hoping that some of them sound like she is talking to you.

This leads you into reading too much into posts that have nothing to do with you.

As you watch her receive adulation from male followers, through likes on her posts, you are left wondering whether she is romantically interested in those guys.

Jealousy and envy creeps into your mind, and as the days turn to weeks, you are obsessed with who she is responding to on her social media.

There are moments you give in, upset with how much adulation she is receiving from her male followers, and you DM her.

You want to break her away from these men and remind her of how amazing you are, hoping that the weeks that have passed since the unsuccessful dates have given her time to reconsider.

She doesn’t respond to your DM.

You are left reeling, unhappy.

Your whole day is ruined as you go about your business, obsessing over why she didn’t reply to your DM.

Why put yourself through this?

Keeping her social media opens you up to these emotions which detracts you from finding a compatible romantic partner.

As long as you two weren’t friends to begin with, it’s best to unfollow her.

This prevents complications in the future.

You two had unsuccessful dates.

That’s it.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that staying a follower gives you a shot with her in the future.

It doesn’t.

Unfollow her on social media and move on.