As An Above Average-Looking Woman, I Don’t Get Many Matches On Dating Apps?

As An Above Average-Looking Woman, I Don't Get Many Matches On Dating Apps?

As an above average-looking woman it hasn’t been easygoing on dating apps.

You didn’t expect this, as you were hoping for a lot more matches.

You don’t know what you are doing wrong.

You have written a detailed bio and posted good photos of yourself.

There are a good number of photos that show you in environments where you are occupied and having fun.

You have had family members and friends look at your bio and they have given you glowing reviews.

Time was taken in creating it.

It wasn’t something you did in a few minutes.

You thought everything through as you constructed it.

You even inserted your trademark humor that family members and friends commend you on all the time.

Yet, since you signed up on a dating app, you aren’t receiving many matches nor getting a whole lot of responses to your messages.

You have received a few good matches but those conversations never go anywhere, some blatantly ignore your messages altogether.

This has left you unhappy and you have thought about quitting online dating altogether multiple times.

Where are you going wrong?

I know you are having a rough time of it right now.

You are human after all and you didn’t join a dating app for the fun of it.

You joined to find a partner.

As an above average-looking woman who is having a hard time receiving matches on a dating app, it’s tempting to question yourself.

You question your looks and whether any man genuinely deems you worthy of courtship.

To figure out where this is going wrong on dating apps, take a look at the dating profiles of women on the dating app.

These are the women whose dating profiles show up first in search results.

Study their dating profiles.

Whatever they are doing in their dating profiles is what the men on the dating app are responding to.

Take a look at the photos they are using and how they construct their bios.

Do you see a lot of photos and bios that cover the same themes?

How long or short are the bios?

Study these dating profiles closely and wherever it feels like you can mimic them without misrepresenting yourself, do it.

Something else you should take a look is when you are online.

Make it a habit to log into the dating app at times that men are most active on it.

This is normally between 6pm and 9pm.

Logging into your dating account during these hours improves the chances that you are noticed by men on the dating app and they match with you.

These men aren’t only ready to match at these hours, they are more predisposed to get into conversations.

Thus far, you have had issues keeping conversations going or getting responses from men you match with on dating apps.

Messaging them between the hours of 6pm and 9pm improves the odds that you get responses to your messages and conversations last longer.