Why Would A Guy I’m Online Dating Already Be Talking About Babies?

Why Would A Guy I'm Online Dating Already Be Talking About Babies?

He believes that this is what you want to hear.

By talking about babies, he intends to get you to think about him as the best relationship prospect for you.

You met on a dating app and are now online dating.

This means regardless of whether you are actively on a dating app or not, there is temptation online.

Temptation from men who want to woo you.

He doesn’t want to lose you to the competition.

In talking about babies with you, he is hoping that you take him seriously and ignore any man who is giving you attention on a dating app or any other platform you use online.

He feels threatened.

The last thing he wants is to lose you to a new guy who swiped right on your dating profile or liked a post you uploaded on social media.

In talking about babies already, he is hoping it has the same effect he has seen it have in the past.

In his past, girls he has been romantically interested in have reacted positively when he started talking about babies.

This led said girls to take him seriously and give him their full attention.

This is what he wants with you.

It is too soon to be talking about babies.

You two are very much in the process of getting to know each other.

So, the idea of talking about babies this soon doesn’t feel natural.

Unfortunately, he is being manipulative.

This is how he gets in your head and makes you enamored by him.

This keeps you from talking to any other guy on a dating app or anywhere else for that matter.

Be careful.

He doesn’t mean it.

He is talking about babies to get you hooked on him.

If you fall for it, you are going to get sucked into his vortex.

A man who is already using manipulation this soon into online dating is a man you have to avoid at all costs.

He is already using mind tricks to get you to like him so much you don’t think about talking to other men.

In falling for it, you put him in the power position.

This encourages him to manipulate you in other ways, which makes him someone you absolutely can’t trust.

He says what he thinks you want to hear so that you are completely controlled by his words.

This is power that has him controlling your emotions.

Such power gives him the ability to direct your emotions in whatever direction he chooses.

This doesn’t make for a good potential partner.

Why would you want to get into a serious relationship with a guy who is manipulating you?

It’s about control.

He wants control over your thoughts and emotions, while getting you to cut off any attention from other men.

Once he has this control over you, he can do anything he wants with you.

He doesn’t see you as someone he genuinely cares about, he sees you as his puppet.

A guy who considers you to be his puppet will never respect you.

This makes for an unhealthy relationship.