Online Dating: People Giving The Middle Finger In Their Photos?

Online Dating: People Giving The Middle Finger In Their Photos?

You are seeing a trend of photos with people giving the middle finger on dating apps.

It has taken you by surprise.

The first time you saw a dating profile with photos in this vain, you thought it odd but you moved on.

Now, you can’t ignore them.

These photos are showing up repeatedly on dating profiles and has left you reeling.

You hate it.

You don’t think it’s edgy or funny, you think it is repulsive.

You can’t fathom why this is happening.

Who is telling these women that it is attractive to give the middle finger to prospective dates who see their dating profile?

Is she going through a rebellious phase?

It has left you wondering whether dating apps are right for you.

You are seeking a partner who respects you and is serious about dating.

You aren’t seeking someone who thinks it’s edgy to give a middle finger to people on dating apps.

Listen, you have good reason to be grossed out and repulsed by these photos.

You aren’t the only one.

The crazy thing though is that the reaction you have when you see these photos is what these women are keen on getting out of you.

Disgusted. Repulsed. Incensed.

It’s fun to them to get this reaction out of you.

In the digital world we live in where negativity breeds popularity, it is no wonder you are seeing an increasing number of dating profiles with photos of people giving the finger.

It’s her way of telling you and everyone else that she is a boss and if you don’t like it, move on.

She believes that this is her litmus test.

What she uses to separate the real men from the weak.

In taking it personally and coming at her with ire, she looks at you as weak, intimidated by strong women.

She feeds off this energy.

She gets to say to herself and the people in her circle that you are a weak man who is threatened by a middle finger.

You aren’t worth dating anyway.

She is empowered in getting this rise out of you and at the same time using your reaction as her litmus test that tells her you are weak.

Unfortunately, this is how these culprits justify why they post photos like this.

It is a twofer.

In getting a negative reaction, you are a weak man and she has dodged a bullet in not dating you.

In getting a positive reaction, you are strong and aren’t threatened by a strong woman.

Listen, it’s only a matter of time before she realizes that this isn’t a good strategy.

The men who are giving her a high five for it and swiping right on her aren’t good matches.

He is swiping right for one thing and one thing only, to hook up.

A guy who is only seeking to hook up doesn’t care about her character, he cares about how attractive she is and getting to sleep with her.

Come back to her dating profile in a few months.

Those photos with her giving the finger are nowhere to be found.

She has learned her lesson.

Although it seems to be trending at the moment, as the news gets around that the men who have no issue with these photos are mainly those who are seeking to hook up, a sharp decrease in these types of dating photos are inevitable.