Online Dating: Is It Cause I’m Fat?

Online Dating: Is It Cause I'm Fat?

It has been a struggle to get matches on a dating app.

You are fat and you are now wondering whether the dearth of matches is due to that.

Friends and family have told you that you look fine.

Though fat, you think you look alright.

You are not a supermodel by any means, but you don’t think you look that bad.

Yet, you are being ignored on dating apps and you are thinking that it has to do with your weight.

You know you have gained weight and there is no doubt there has been a difference in how men react to you, even in real life.

You aren’t getting as many looks or compliments as you did when you were lighter in weight.

Once you picked up on this, you ignored it by telling yourself that it had nothing to do with your weight and everything to do with them.

Now that you are on a dating app, you are finding it harder to ignore.

The same thing is happening on dating apps.

You are being ignored, even though you know you have a fun and interesting dating profile.

You have put in a lot of work on your bio and it reflects your bubbly personality.

Your photos are good, filled with your smiling face in various locales.

Any guy who swipes right on your dating profile would love your personality.

But no one is.

Alright, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way.

Yes, the dearth of matches has to do with you being fat.

You have already experienced the drawbacks of this since you gained weight in your real life.

Guys aren’t paying that much attention to you like they once did.

You aren’t getting as many compliments, if any.

That does translate into online dating as well.

After all, the guys you see on dating apps live in the real world.

He is a living breathing human being who so happens to be signed up on a dating app.

His tastes don’t change when he is on a dating app.

If anything, his tastes are that much more enhanced.

People on dating apps are more superficial.

Given that dating apps are very much about what you see in front of you, it is hard for people not to base their interest in someone on what they see first and foremost in photos.

Unfortunately, dating apps have made people that much more selective.

How to overcome what you are going through on dating apps?

An obvious solution is to lose weight.

If you don’t want to do that, consider signing up on a dating app that caters to heavier people.

People with extra pounds.

This erases the issues with your weight, being that you would be amongst people who look like you.

Additionally, think about joining a dating app that is centered around building a relationship with romantic potentials before photos are revealed.

A dating app that has either party go through several steps in communication, over a sustained period of time, with the intent of getting to know each other before they get to see each other’s photos.

This gives the two parties a shot at building up rapport over time before you get to see what each other looks like.

This works best for people who are primarily concerned with establishing an emotional connection with a romantic prospect, as opposed to looking at a romantic prospect through a superficial lens.