Online Dating: Should I Text The Guy Who Vanished After Date #2?

Online Dating: Should I Text The Guy Who Vanished After Date #2?

No, you shouldn’t text him.

He vanished after date #2 for a reason.

Going on a second date with you was a sign that he was interested.

That being said, the second date didn’t go as well as he was hoping it would.

It’s easy to rack your brain over this, wondering what happened, when everything seemed to be going so well.

You guys had great communication on a dating app before meeting on the two dates.

As far as you were concerned, the two dates went well too.

Besides being a little nervous and having a few awkward moments of silence on the dates, you thought the dates went well.

You don’t think you did anything egregiously bad.

You weren’t rude or self-absorbed.

You asked him as many questions as he asked you.

You dressed appropriately for the occasion.

The dates lasted several hours, which made you believe that he must have had a good time.

Yet, here you are, after date #2, and there has been no word from him.

This is unlike him.

Prior to this, he was communicative.

He was communicative on the dating app as you two got to know each other, and he was communicative in-between the first and second dates.

He was excited to text you and he kept conversations going.

You loved his energy and believe that you gave that energy right back.

Now, no texts, nothing.

You are tempted to text him, as you seriously don’t know where things went wrong.

You sincerely believe that you two were getting along in every way.

Listen, it’s tempting to get caught up in what went wrong and blame yourself.

You shouldn’t.

As long as you maintained good dating etiquette, you weren’t at fault for him vanishing on you after date #2.

Sometimes, the chemistry is not there, regardless of how well you two get along.

Although you two went on a second date, it doesn’t mean that the chemistry was rock solid.

He didn’t feel that much chemistry on the first date, but chose to ask you out on a second, based on how well you two got along on a dating app.

So many people make the mistake of thinking that online chemistry transfers to real life chemistry.

This doesn’t happen in every instance.

There have been many moments where two people got along incredibly well on a dating app and didn’t experience the same chemistry upon meeting each other in person.

Being that you don’t believe you said or did anything egregiously bad during the second date, a lack of romantic chemistry is most likely the reason behind his vanishing.

He asked you out on date #2 hoping that he would experience the same chemistry he felt with you on the dating app.

He didn’t want to be too quick to make a judgment that there was no romantic chemistry after the first date, believing that you two were nervous and needed a second date to get more relaxed with each other.

Once he went on the second date with you, he realized that you two didn’t share the chemistry he experienced with you on a dating app.

That led him to vanish on you.