Online Dating: Boyfriend Wants Me To Lie About How We Met?

Online Dating: Boyfriend Wants Me To Lie About How We Met?

You love your boyfriend and glad you met him.

It doesn’t matter to you that you met him on a dating app.

You are just glad that you got to meet him.

That being said, your boyfriend doesn’t feel the same.

He wants you to lie about how you two met.

He is embarrassed that the two of you met on a dating app.

In his mind, anything else sounds better than telling family, friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, and even strangers, that you two met on a dating app.

You don’t get why it is so embarrassing to him.

In this day and age, a ton of people are meeting through dating apps.

In fact, it has become one of the most popular methods in which people meet.

You have family members, friends and work colleagues who met their partners on dating apps.

So, again, you don’t see the big deal in letting people know the truth about how you met your boyfriend.

That has left you in a quagmire as far as how to look at this.

On the one hand, you are tempted to lie so that you put him at ease, but on the other hand, you have a weird feeling about it.

You don’t like the idea of having to lie to people about how you met.

It feels strange.

Listen, you do have good reason to feel strange about lying to people about how you met your boyfriend.

This request points to an alarming aspect of your boyfriend’s character.

His readiness to be deceitful.

This mindset can easily spread into other areas of your relationship.

If he is this keen to lie about how you two met, what else is he keen to lie about?

What else is he lying about at the moment?

Lying is a common human trait, but to do it so brazenly is worrisome.

Has he been truthful in how he has identified with your interests?

Do you two genuinely have common interests or has he made all that up so that he gets you to like him?

You see, once a guy tells you to lie for him, with the intent of deceiving people, even those close to you, it casts a dark shadow on his character in general and his propensity to be deceitful.

Consider this strongly.

What else is he lying about or has the capacity to lie about?

If honesty is important to you, this boyfriend doesn’t appear to embody that quality in every sense of the word.

Think about that before deciding to lie for him.

Normally, when you open this door, it leads him to believe that he can get away with various forms of lies and deceit as your relationship with him progresses.

It’s best not to open that door at all.

The tone you set in a relationship at its beginning is a major factor in how it progresses.

When it starts with lies, it portends a dark and deceitful future.

Don’t tell a lie for him.

Tell him that you will tell the truth of how you two met.

A boyfriend who cares about honesty and genuinely cares for you shouldn’t mind.

A boyfriend who does mind and keeps trying to convince you to lie about how you two met, isn’t the right boyfriend for you.