Is A Woman Oversharing About Common Interests And Hobbies A Bad Thing While Messaging On A Dating App?

Is A Woman Oversharing About Common Interests And Hobbies A Bad Thing While Messaging On A Dating App?

It isn’t a bad thing to share your common interests and hobbies to someone you are messaging on a dating app.

This is what you should be doing.

Sharing common interests and hobbies is how you build a stronger connection and familiarity with each other.

The area of confusion is where that level of sharing is too much too soon.

This is a tricky aspect of messaging that warrants discussion.

Oversharing is relative.

Much of it depends on the dynamics of a correspondence between the two individuals.

When two people have a balanced exchange of information, even in situations where it feels like the two parties are oversharing, it works within the dynamics of that correspondence.

In other words, you are both giving out a lot of information about your common interests and hobbies, but doing it at the same level.

This balance works within the dynamics of your correspondence, which means that it isn’t a bad thing.

It feels organic and fluid.

Going at this pace speaks to how open your personalities are and how well you are getting along.

This isn’t a bad thing.

Although it feels like oversharing, it is consistent with how well you two have been getting along.

There is an equal balance of information shared and that is what lets you know that in your unique case, the oversharing is actually a good thing.

The only caveat in this would be to not take so long to meet each other in person.

When there is so much information being given out by the two parties and they spend weeks on a dating app without meeting in person, there is an exhaustion that kicks in.

It already feels like you know everything there is to know about the other person and a date has yet to be set.

Correspondences on dating apps that have this level of oversharing and go on for weeks without a date in person tend to deplete in energy, until it completely gives out in exhaustion.

Don’t let it get this drawn out.

Where you really do have to worry about oversharing being a bad thing while messaging on a dating app is when it is one-sided.

This is where one party is the one oversharing and the other party is the one absorbing without giving back the same level of information.

This is a bad thing.

When you are oversharing to someone who isn’t as forthcoming, there is an imbalance in the dynamics of the correspondence.

This is how you get yourself in trouble by sharing more information than the person is ready to absorb.

Although this information is about common interests and hobbies, the other person finds it hard to catch their breath as you bounce from interest to interest and hobby to hobby.

The lack of depth to these conversations makes them feel like they are being bombarded with a deluge of information that appears just as quickly as it disappears.

When it feels like you have been the one sharing a lot more than the other person, slow it down.

There is no need to be in this much of a hurry to share such a volume of information about yourself when the other person isn’t as keen.

Rather than overshare, let a topic linger. This means that you mutually get to talk about it in depth.

This suits the dynamics of this type of correspondence much better.

As long as the other person is actively forthright about the topic and giving back information related to the topic, there is a balance.

Once the topic has naturally run its course in conversation, you two can organically move on to the next topic.

This is how you keep yourself from losing out on a good match by getting ahead of yourself through an imbalance of oversharing.