What Do Men Mean When They Say They’re Interested In A Match With Ambition On Their Dating Profiles?

What Do Men Mean When They Say They're Interested In Ambition On Their Dating Profiles?

You are seeing a trend of men stating that they’re interested in and attracted to women with ambition, which is a quality they too possess.

These dating profiles are increasingly prevalent and you are left with a conundrum.

Although you have no issue with matching with a man who has ambition, you worry that these men are seeking out women who are intensely career-oriented.

Women who aren’t looking to settle down and start a family any time soon.

This isn’t you.

Your goal is to be be a nurturer, mother and homemaker, not a career woman.

You are unsure of whether these men are indicating that they want a woman who is primarily dedicated to a successful career, without an intention of starting a family any time soon, which would be the complete opposite of who you are and what you want out of a relationship.

In stating that they are interested in women with ambition, these men aren’t implying that they are strictly looking for a career-minded woman who isn’t looking to start a family any time soon.

These men are more so worried about a woman who intends to use them as a cash machine.

They won’t state this directly on their dating profile, so as not to come off as presumptuous, condescending and rude.

So, they go about it through stating that they are interested in a woman with ambition.

To them, this means that the woman is gainfully employed, pays her bills and is financially responsible.

A woman like this isn’t as prone to being someone who leeches off of them financially.

Men are often afraid of being used by women for financial gain. It gives them sleepless nights.

Some of these men have already experienced what it is like to be the one financially sacrificing while courting a woman, only to have her ghost him in the end.

Some have had girlfriends in the past who leeched off them financially to the point where they came close to financial insolvency.

Men who state that they are interested in a woman with ambition on their dating profiles are doing this to protect themselves from women who are intent on taking advantage of them financially.

This has nothing to do with whether they desire a woman who wants to be a nurturer, mother and homemaker as a partner.

Far from it.

The majority of men do want to provide for a future spouse and their children.

However, they don’t want to be a victim to a woman who has none of those homemaker qualities and is strictly intent on using him for what he can provide for her financially.

For most of these men, the main issue doesn’t have to do with an unwillingness to match with a woman who would much rather be a homemaker when the time comes.

His sole purpose is to protect himself from women who are out to use him financially.

Although you aren’t an ambitious woman, his main concern is that you aren’t talking to him and going out on dates with him to use him as a wallet.

He wants more than anything to know that you are genuinely interested in him as a person and not for his wallet.

Are you gainfully employed?

Are you financially responsible?

As long as you convey that to him, it doesn’t matter whether you are a barista or an executive, he will be interested in you and come to trust you.

If you two strike it off, date for a while and eventually decide to get married, he would be open to the idea of you staying at home as a homemaker, as long as you talk about it beforehand and he is financially capable of affording you that lifestyle.