Online Dating: Why Is It Hard To Set A Time For Dates?

Online Dating: Why Is It Hard To Set A Time For Dates?

This is getting out of hand.

You are talking to someone of mutual interest on an online dating site and everything is splendid.

Soon after, you ask her out on a date for a specific day and she tells you that she is busy then.

Hold on.

What just happened?

Until now, conversations on the dating site were fun and lighthearted, pointing toward a romantic connection.

She was laughing at your jokes, answering your questions in detail, relating to your interests, etc.

Everything was in line for a date.

Within a few conversations, you asked her out on a date and she tells you that she is busy then.

Fine, you keep your head about you, not wanting to lose yourself.

Kindly, you ask her about when she would have the time to meet on a date and she tells you in the next 2-3 weeks.


And this isn’t the first occurrence of a woman doing this to you on a dating site.

It has happened on multiple occasions.

You are flummoxed at this.

Why is it hard to set a time for dates with these women that you meet on dating sites?

These weren’t women who were interested in going on dates with you.

They like it when they have good conversations with you, but going out on a date is a different story.

Unfortunately, some of these women are seriously seeing someone in real life or stuck in an pseudo relationship with someone that has no concrete definition.

Many are on dating sites to either feel better about a problem they are currently having with their partner, or to stroke their ego so as to reconfirm to themselves that they are desirable to someone else.

When she tells you that she is busy, she means that whatever time you were planning on spending with her on the date is reserved for the guy she is seeing, or in the hopes that the guy she is stuck in an pseudo relationship with sets up a date with her somewhere in that period.

A significant number of people who are in relationships or pseudo relationships exploit dating sites as their therapy.

They sign up on one to distract themselves from issues they are having in their real life relationship, or to rejuvenate their waning self-esteem, brought on by a pseudo relationship that has no concrete definition.

Unfortunately, you are one of the guys that got caught in her crosshairs.

There were nothing but pure intentions on your end.

You are genuinely single and on a dating site to meet a partner.

Not everyone on dating sites is as pure of heart.

The women who are in relationships or pseudo relationships and choose to join dating sites are not that hard to pick out.

So as to prevent a reoccurrence of this situation with another woman, look for signs on her dating profile that she is either in a relationship and not single, or entangled in an on-again, off-again pseudo relationship.

On her dating profile, a woman in a relationship or stuck in an pseudo relationship is extremely vague on what she fills out.

You won’t see a lot of slots filled out.

Meaning, she barely fills out her requirements for height, income, age, etc., nor whether she wants to get married or have kids.

These areas are highly relevant to most women who are in search of a relationship partner.

A woman who barely bothers to fill them out is indicating that she doesn’t care, as there is already a man in her life or she is stuck in a complicated pseudo relationship with someone.

Watch for a dating profile that predominantly addresses what she doesn’t want in a man.

Phrases like, “No deadbeats,” “No cheats,” “No mama’s boys,” etc., dominate her bio.

This is a woman who is using her dating profile as therapy, as she curses the man in her life who represents one or all these traits.

Her emotions remain entangled in his web, meaning that she isn’t emotionally available to anyone but him.