Online Dating: Accidentally Super Liked Someone I Didn’t Mean To?

Online Dating: Accidentally Super Liked Someone I Didn't Mean To?

You never meant it.

It was an accident.

You didn’t realize you had done it as you were browsing through dating profiles, until it was too late.

Now, he has messaged you, thanking you for the super like, flattered.

You are at odds.

Unfortunately, you aren’t attracted to him in the slightest.

He is just not your type.

You want to apologize but you don’t know how to go about it.

How to tell a guy you super liked that you did it on accident and have no romantic interest nor physical attraction for him?

I get it.

You feel super awkward.

You never meant to super like this guy and now he is happily waiting for your response to his message of gratitude.

Listen, you don’t have to do anything.

Yes, I know, it sounds heartless, but you aren’t obligated to message him.

It was an accident.

It’s not like you super liked him intentionally, looking to play with his mind.

You don’t get off playing mind games with men on dating apps.

You are looking for a serious long-term partner.

Don’t feel obligated to respond to this guy.

Let this go as an accident and be cautious from here on out with how you go about liking men on dating apps.

He is a grownup, he can handle it.

The last thing you want to do is play along with this, responding to his message to you out of politeness, and lead him on by so doing.

That is much worse.

You don’t want to lead him on.

That is cruel.

Let this go and move on with your online dating adventure.

To avoid any future messages from him, you could block him.

Yes, it sounds cruel, but you have to do what you have to do so that you aren’t hampered from attaining what you are on a dating app for.

You don’t want this guy to keep messaging you obsessively, wondering why you haven’t done anything about super liking him.

Blocking him puts him out of your pool of matches which saves you from receiving any future messages from him.

Now, all these suggestions are somewhat harsh at face value but they work, but in the event you don’t fancy doing any of this, feeling an obligation for taking ownership of what you did, you can send him a quick message.

In this message, apologize and let him know that you accidentally super liked his dating profile.

That is it.

Be straightforward.

People get very worried about being straightforward in awkward situations like this, when in fact, being straightforward is the best tactic.

It delivers the message succinctly, without ambiguity, and that is way better than beating about the bush.

This sends the message that you accidentally super liked him, without ambiguity, which aids in getting him to process the information and move on faster.

Your job is done.