Online Dating: When People Post Full Body Pics That Are Old?

Online Dating: When People Post Full Body Pics That Are Old?

For you, it’s full body pics or bust.

You have no interest in swiping right on dating profiles that don’t include full body pics, having learned your lesson the hard way.

As a novice on dating apps you were swipe-happy, swiping right on every cute face you saw without caring whether the dating profile had full body pics in it or not.

You met some of these women in person on dates and they did not look like what you were expecting.

They were overweight or much heavier.

After this happened over and over again, you learned a lesson to only swipe right on dating profiles of women who have fully body pics included.

Since you started doing that, you have had better results.

Nevertheless, that is now suffering.

It seems like women have caught on.

She is posting full body pics in her dating profile but with a catch.

She has old full body pics.

These are from her fitter days when she was in better shape.

You have now met several of these women in person on dates and they are overweight.

Again, it looks like these women have caught on.

Where to go from here you wonder?

You thought you had it figured out.

After loads of disappointments in your early days as you swiped right without taking the absence of full body pics into account, you learned a lesson.

You began to exclusively swipe right on dating profiles with full body pics.

It worked for a while but women caught on.

Now she has full body pics but they are from her fitter days.

Looks like you have to make a new adjustment.

Suggest a video chat with her first.

This is how you overcome the likelihood you are left reeling upon meeting her on a date and she ends up looking much heavier than she looked in her full body pics on a dating app.

I know that it isn’t your style to request a video chat, but strongly consider it.

After all, you two met online.

It was through a visual medium.

A video chat is not that far off from meeting on a dating app.

They are both online mediums.

Do this to protect yourself.

A woman who turns it down is not worth your time.

You aren’t asking her for her medical records.

You are asking for a video chat.

Refusing to do a video chat with you is how you filter out who you take seriously and who you don’t.

It doesn’t do you any good to listen to rebuttals about it from her end, as she tries to make you feel bad for requesting.

If she goes this route, she is hiding something.

Having a video chat with any woman you take an interest in from here on out should be a given.

It protects you from someone who is misrepresenting herself on a dating app.

A woman who has nothing to hide won’t have an issue with doing a video chat with you.

This is where you verify that her full body pics are true to what she looks like at present.