Online Dating: How To Cope With Post-Date Rejection?

Online Dating: How To Cope With Post-Date Rejection?

It’s tough coping with post-date rejection, especially when it comes from someone you were getting along with on a dating app.

From the good conversations you had with him on a dating app to the real life date itself, you were hopeful this guy was the one.

Then the hammer dropped.

After your first date with him, he told you that the two of you weren’t compatible.

So, no second date.

You are figuratively stuck on park with nowhere to go.

Where did this come from when everything seemed to be going so well?

This stings, I know.

Nonetheless, this is a lesson to be learned from.

Online chemistry doesn’t equate to real life chemistry every time.

The post-date rejection was a result of him not feeling the same chemistry in real life that he felt with you on a dating app.

It’s a tough lesson to learn, but it is a needed one.

Think back to how the first date went.

Did you behave any differently from how you were behaving on the dating app in which you two met?

Sometimes, people get incredibly nervous when they are about to meet someone they have been talking to and getting along with on a dating app.

It happens with frequency.

You get so caught up in how that first date is going to go, you make yourself anxious and your mind takes you down a bad rabbit hole.

Instead of focusing on the positive and having an openness to the possibilities, you are stuck on the negative, thinking about how things can go wrong.

You worry about saying or doing something that makes you look bad or odd.

Terrified of awkward silences due to breaks in conversation, you tremble at what you would do in these moments.

There is so much going on in your head and it isn’t good.

By the time you get to the first date, you are an anxious mess.

Next thing you know, as you talk to him on the first date, you are a far cry from who he was talking to on a dating app.

You are nervous and strange in how you behave.

Some guys are patient enough to give a girl a second chance in asking her out on a second date when a first date doesn’t go that well, chucking it up to first date nerves.

But there are guys who don’t have this patience.

For now, it looks like this is a guy who doesn’t have that patience.

This means that you are better off learning from this encounter so that you have successful future first dates with new guys you are matched with on a dating app.

That’s how you cope with post-date rejection.

Learn from it.

This starts with accepting that it is done with this guy.

Don’t hang on to the hope that he comes back.

This leaves you unable to move on, which impedes your chances of connecting with new matches.

Don’t call or text him desperately attempting to get a second date.

That only makes you look desperate, which turns him off of you.

Instead, learn from this.

For future reference, avoid letting the idea of a first date get you so worried you end up showing up on a first date a nervous wreck.

Once a first date has been set, brush aside thoughts of it.

Busy yourself with your daily tasks so that you aren’t stuck on thinking about the first date over and over again.

This keeps you from thinking yourself into a negative rabbit hole about how the date goes.

With this approach, you go on a first date with a clearer mind, which facilitates in you showing your dynamic personality.

The same personality he experienced while chatting with you on a dating app.

This leads to second dates and beyond.