Online Dating: I Get Anxious When Someone Really Attractive Likes Me?

Online Dating: I Get Anxious When Someone Really Attractive Likes Me?

The instant reaction is to think that this person is out of your league.

Someone this attractive couldn’t possibly like you.

You freeze.

Anxious and nervous.

Your brain goes into overdrive, fraught with negative thoughts.

This is triggered by the fear of not meeting her expectations and the fear of failure.

The last thing you want is to talk to her and watch her quickly lose interest, disappointed with what you had to offer.

You are terrified of her judgment.

It is much safer to avoid a conversation altogether.

That makes you calmer.

She was out of your league anyway.

Thank goodness you dodged a bullet in not initiating a conversation or responding to her message.

This anxiety goes much deeper than mere attraction.

You don’t believe that you are worthy to begin with.

Have there been people all through your life who have told you that you were less than?

Did they make fun of you?

This can go back as far as grade school.

All of this stays with you as a child into adulthood.

Take a look at your life in general.

How often do you stop yourself from doing something out of the fear that you will be judged and doomed to fail?

What about that job promotion you wanted that you never went after fearful that you wouldn’t get it?

What about that gym you wanted to join but didn’t fearful the people there would look at you critically and make fun of you?

You see, the anxiety you have whenever someone really attractive on a dating app likes you, goes beyond shyness.

This goes deeper.

You have developed a negative mindset about yourself that affects other areas of your life.

Have you found yourself pedestalizing people in your life on account of their accomplishments and never believing you could get anywhere close to their success?

That’s you being negative about how you look at yourself and your capabilities.

It’s no wonder you get anxious whenever someone really attractive on a dating app likes you.

After all, what on earth do you have to offer such a person?

In your mind, you are an underachiever who admires people from afar, powerless to match up to them.

You have rendered yourself powerless in your day to day life, making yourself believe that you can never achieve anything greater.

You are forever stuck on mediocre.

As long as you have this mindset, you are bound to be anxious whenever someone really attractive likes you.

Instantly, you are thinking about how much more that person has accomplished that you never will.

That embarrasses you and you are afraid that talking to her would lead to this revelation of how mediocre your life is.

This results in you never initiating messages to these women or responding to theirs.

This mindset won’t get you anywhere in life or on dating apps.

Work on your confidence through finding passion in you life.

These are goals or tasks you are enthused about achieving.

Go after them one at a time.

Start with the simplest.

This increases the odds you succeed, which then gives you the confidence to go after another goal or task that is little bit more challenging.

With every success, your confidence grows.

Don’t worry about failing on some goals and tasks.

Failure builds character.

Work on your confidence until you realize you have a much better mindset in regards to your self-worth.

This is when you know you are ready to get back on dating apps.

With this confidence, you won’t get anxious whenever someone really attractive likes you anymore.

Instead of cowering from conversation, you initiate it, knowing that she will love what she is about to discover in you.