I Only Get Likes From Men On Dating Apps?

I Only Get Likes From Men On Dating Apps?

You are tired of only getting likes from men on dating apps.

It was cute in the beginning.

You chuckled and smiled at the likes.

They made you feel attractive.

It didn’t take long before you realized that you were only getting likes and nothing else.

Once that reality hit you in the face, you weren’t too happy with the likes.

If anything, any time you received a like you were upset.

It made you feel like the guy was playing with your mind.

That’s how it has been for a while.

The likes from these men on dating apps feel like a bunch of mind games.

Why not message you?

What is with all these likes?

Aren’t dating apps designed with the idea for people to communicate with those of romantic potential?

It feels like you are in grade school all over again, with shy boys passing notes telling you that they like you as opposed to talking to you.

You have good reason to be frustrated with all these likes.

It doesn’t feel that good anymore to log into your account and be faced with a bunch of likes and not a single message.

You want to change this.

The likes you are receiving are primarily coming from men who aren’t bothering to read the entirety of your dating profile.

Many men on dating apps like as many profiles as possible so as to increase the odds of getting matches.

Unfortunately, these men don’t study a dating profile before liking it, they just like it.

He is playing the numbers game.

He likes a bunch of dating profiles hoping to match with someone, at which point, he decides whether you are attractive enough for him to message.

That is the harsh reality of dating apps.

You are one of many likes and there are no guarantees that upon matching with you, he messages you.

With this in mind, your goal shouldn’t be to get these men to message you.

Most of these men are indiscriminately liking almost every dating profile.

He isn’t reading your dating profile.

This means that these men aren’t good matches for you.

Instead of worrying about these men, focus on men who aren’t sending you likes, who have dating profiles you connect with in terms of interests and personality.

These are men who aren’t indiscriminately liking almost every dating profile they are presented with.

Visit his dating profile.

He is going to see that you visited his dating profile and this prompts him to visit yours.

As long as you have a good dating profile that is well-thought-out, and with common interests, he is propelled to message you.

These are the men you need to be connecting with on dating apps.

Not the ones who send likes and never message you.

Those guys are playing the numbers game and haven’t taken the time to read your dating profile before liking or swiping right.

A guy who takes the time to read your dating profile and messages you after the fact is the real match.