Online Dating: What’s The Deal With Everyone Being Obsessed With Traveling?

Online Dating: What's The Deal With Everyone Being Obsessed With Traveling?

It’s gotten out of hand.

Regardless of how many dating profiles you see, almost every one of them has something in common.

The woman is obsessed with traveling.

Her bio is filled with words about her passion for travel and her pictures showcase it.

These women aren’t talking about traveling to a neighboring state and seeing the sights.

They are talking about traveling the world.

She is posing in front of a monument or structure in an exotic location somewhere in the world.

You have seen your fair share of dating profiles filled with pictures of these women in exotic locales in Europe, South America, The Caribbean, etc.

You have never looked at traveling as anything more than an activity you do once in a while.

You have done some of it, but it isn’t an obsession.

Yet, here you are, reading dating profile after dating profile with women raving about how much they love traveling.

It’s so prevalent, it seems like a scourge.

A scourge inside dating apps where women are obsessively posting about their love of traveling like mindless robots.

Indeed, there are lots of women who write about how much they love traveling on their dating profiles.

So why is this the case?

Although women do genuinely love travel, we live in the social media era.

Everyone, especially women, wants that shot of them in an exotic locale going viral on their social media.

She wants to look like she lives the life of dreams.

This is reflected in what she posts about and the nature of her photos.

Photos taken in exotic locations garners attention through likes, follows and comments.

Not only does this boost her ego, it increases her notoriety.

This is infectious.

The last time she went on a trip to an exotic location, her social media presence exploded when she posted those photos and wrote about her adventures.

This is one factor.

There are other factors such as how far women have come with their financial independence in society.

Women have always loved the idea of traveling, but they didn’t always have the financial wherewithal to do so.

A woman’s earning power has dramatically risen in today’s society, which has given her the financial wherewithal to travel.

She no longer has to look at pictures on a magazine to get an idea of what it would be like to travel to Europe.

She has the financial means to go there, and she does.

It was a blast.

And so was the next time she traveled and the next time after that.

She wants to keep doing this, and that means that any guy she dates has to have the financial wherewithal to travel alongside her.

When she talks about her passion for traveling on her bio, she is doing that for a reason.

She wants any guy who has an interest in her to realize that she already lives a life of travel, and if he were to date her, he would have to be financially capable of doing the same.