Should You Try An Online Long Distance Relationship?

Should You Try An Online Long Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships online can be very trying.

At first, it may feel like things will work out.

The both of you have a very intense connection and you rely on your love or fondness of each other to carry you through.

However, this love and fondness can only go so far.

Unfortunately, many people that embark on an online long distance relationship tend to discover this too late.

Not all online long distance relationships are doomed to fail.

However, the majority are.

The problem tends to arise when there has simply been too much time apart.

Without any real plan to eventually be together permanently in the same physical location, the separation can start to take its’ tow.

All of a sudden, all of that love and fondness is beginning to flutter in the wind.

What generally occurs from here on is less and less communication.

It becomes harder to try to communicate with someone knowing full well that the sting of your separation will only make you feel worse.

As a consequence, you start ignoring those phone calls and emails.

You busy yourself with other affairs just hoping that you can get your long distance love out of your mind.

Finally, you give in and return a message.

However, by this time, your long distance love has grown weary and may start becoming distant themselves.

You make up eventually but the damage has been done.

Future interactions are froth with doubt and pain.

Ultimately, someone decides that it would better to be just friends.

The relationship is over.

Again, there are those who can survive the dreaded long distant online relationship.

However, you must have a through-plan for it to work.

A through-plan that assures that the both of you will not remain separated for longer than is necessary.

Then and only then do you stand the best chance of making this online long distance relationship work.