Online Dating: Does Remaining Inactive For Months Mess With The Algorithm?

Online Dating: Does Remaining Inactive For Months Mess With The Algorithm?

It’s been a while since you logged into your account on a dating app.

Life happened and your activity fell off.

Now you are looking to get back to online dating but wondering whether the months of inactivity has messed with the algorithm.

You are worried that the inactivity has negatively affected your account.

You don’t want to struggle getting matches in returning to online dating.

So what gives?

Yes, a period of inactivity on a dating app does mess with the algorithm and affects your account negatively.

The algorithm thrives on activity.

When an account is inactive for a sustained period of time, it renders the account mute.

The algorithm doesn’t see the account as worth presenting as a match to prospective matches.

It would hurt the dating app if it’s algorithm were to keep promoting that inactive account.

No one wants to be matched with someone who hasn’t been active on a dating app for months.

It leads to a loss of members.

It is in the best interest of the dating app to present active dating profiles to prospective matches.

Being that your account has been inactive for months, the algorithm already sees it as an inactive account.

This affects its visibility on the dating app.

The algorithm is less inclined to present your dating profile to prospective matches.

So yes, to reiterate, by being inactive for these months, your account has been negatively affected.

What do you do now?

Instead of logging back into your account and acting like you never left, update your dating profile.

Update your photos and bio on the dating app.

Yes, this means that you are going to have to put in some work.

Rewrite your bio and post brand new photos to your dating profile.

The algorithm thrives on new content.

When it sees that you rewrote your dating profile and posted several brand new photos on your dating profile, you have put your dating profile back on its radar.

This pushes your dating profile further up the ladder in relevance.

What you should do then is log into your account a few times each week for the next 2 to 3 weeks on a consistent basis.

This lets the algorithm know that not only do you have new content on your dating profile, you are regularly visiting the dating app in tandem.

Now that the algorithm has tracked your activity and knows that you have been regularly logging into your account for the last 2 to 3 weeks, it gives your dating profile greater priority.

It promotes your dating profile with greater frequency to prospective matches.

Logging into your account regularly after fully updating your dating profile is a great move, but it’s even better to log in during a dating app’s busiest days and hours.

The weekend is the busiest period on dating apps, especially between the hours of 6pm and 9pm.

Sunday, is the busiest singular day.

Adhering to these strategies sends your account back to the top of the priority matching list.