Online Dating: The Guy I’m Talking To Follows So Many Women On Social Media, I Am Debating Skipping The Date?

Online Dating: The Guy I'm Talking To Follows So Many Women On Social Media, I Am Debating Skipping The Date?

He is a cute guy.

This wasn’t hard to miss when you matched with each other on a dating app.

The ensuing conversations were good.

It wasn’t a surprise that he asked you to a date.

Since then, you have exchanged social media information and this is where you have found something that is giving you pause, making you debate whether you are better off skipping the date.

This guy follows many women on social media.

These aren’t women who are volunteering their time to feed hungry children and build hospitals around the world.

These are fitness models, Instagram models, OnlyFans models, etc.

This has given you a lot of pause and concern.

Although it is early yet, you are worried that this guy looks at these women as the epitome of beauty.

You don’t look like these girls.

On top of this, if you two were to hit it off, what does loyalty mean to him?

Is he a guy who cheats?

The question of his loyalty bothers you in light of how many women he follows on social media.

You have good reason to be worried.

There are lots of women who have to contend with this when they are being courted by a guy or when they are in an exclusive relationship with him.

It isn’t unwise to debate skipping the date.

In general, a guy who follows so many women on social media is prone to being distracted by said women, using them as his escape whenever he is bored or in a fight with his girlfriend.

This is a precursor for what a life with him would be like.

If it is bothering you now, when you are yet to go on your first date with him, imagine what it would be like if you were to get into an exclusive relationship?

Many women who get courted by guys like this, mislead themselves into believing that once the two are in an exclusive relationship, the guy’s behavior is going to change.

The guy will stop following these types of women, unfollow them, and prioritize her.

This isn’t realistic.

He won’t stop following these girls.

Given that this is something he has been doing before you came into the picture, it’s unlikely he stops it.

He might slow down in the early stages of his relationship with you, but gets back into it over time.

Behavior like this is like an addiction.

With every girl he follows who follows him back, his ego and self-worth takes a massive surge.

It makes him think that women like this find him attractive and that feeling is like a drug.

You won’t be enough.

No one girl is.

So, again, if this is already bothering you when you are yet to meet this guy on your first date, it doesn’t get any better as you get to know him or if you were to get into a long-term relationship with him.

You are better off listening to your instincts and skipping this date.