Online Dating: When A Woman Replies Quickly, With Thoughtful Messages, But Asks Zero Questions?

Online Dating: When A Woman Replies Quickly, With Thoughtful Messages, But Asks Zero Questions?

It’s driving you a little nuts.

After matching with her on a dating app, she has been quick to reply to your messages.

And not with one-word answers either.

She writes thoughtful messages in response.

It stimulates you when she shows that much thought in what she sends you in response.

Yet, amid the excitement, there is a sore spot.

She doesn’t ask questions.

At first, you didn’t take it to heart.

You figured that she would get used to you and come around to asking questions.

It has been a few days since you two matched on a dating app and started talking, and she isn’t asking you questions.

It’s a zero on that count, and it has you baffled.

Whenever you match with a woman on a dating app and she doesn’t ask you questions after a period of time, you aren’t shy in unmatching her and moving on.

But, this one is different.

Her replies to your messages are so thoughtful, you have had a hard time following through with unmatching her and moving on.

Why reply with such speed, and with such thoughtful messages, but never ask him a question?

It’s no wonder you are puzzled.

To have a woman do this goes against what you have encountered in the past on dating apps.

Here’s the good news.

This woman isn’t disinterested.

A disinterested woman takes a while to reply to messages and barely puts out an effort in providing an thoughtful response.

Keeping this in mind, don’t make a judgment too fast, as you contemplate on what to do.

In being quick to respond with thoughtful messages, she is demonstrating that she is taking your questions seriously and giving you answers she shrewdly thought through.

That means that the answers she is giving you matter to her.

She wants you to get the right idea of how she thinks and what she is about without ambiguity.

Plus, she is excited to hear from you.

That speaks to the speed in which she replies to your messages.

She has asked you zero questions, with the idea of letting you lead.

It doesn’t mean that she never asks you a question.

Not every woman is ready to ask questions of a match a few days after matching.

She is feeling you out, figuring out whether you two see eye to eye on a number of factors and whether there is chemistry.

Once she has a good read on this, she is heartened to ask questions.

As long as you remain patient and maintain the decorum, her first question to you is imminent.

This is when she knows that you two have enough in common and enough chemistry that it is worth her while to ask questions of you.

Be patient.

I know this is easier said than done, but you won’t regret it.

She is feeling you out right now.

As long as she continues to reply to your messages quickly and thoughtfully, her interest is robust.

It won’t be too long before she asks you a question.