Why Do Girls Reject Guys On Dating Apps When They Don’t Feel Instant Chemistry?

Why Do Girls Reject Guys On Dating Apps When They Don't Feel Instant Chemistry?

Girls receive tons of matches on dating apps.

When she doesn’t feel instant chemistry with a guy, she doesn’t feel the need to keep it going with him.

What for?

She has so many more guys vying for her time, besieging her with messages.

She has too many options.

For her to keep talking to a guy she already knows shares no chemistry with her doesn’t make sense.

She believes that there are bound to be men who have chemistry with her amongst the throngs of men hoping to match with her.

Yes, it feels vicious when a girl rejects you on account of not feeling instant chemistry.

As far as you are concerned, she didn’t give it the time required to see whether chemistry can be built.

Being that you have been at the receiving end of this rejection, you don’t like it when girls do this.

I know where you are coming from.

It never feels good to be rejected this soon.

What ever happened to taking the time to get to know someone first before rejecting them?

I get it.

That being said, a woman’s exploit on a dating app is so much different from that of the average guy.

She is deluged with matches from men and has endless dating options.

It isn’t time-effective for her to give every single guy a shot when she is at the receiving end of such enormous attention.

Lots of girls have to come up with a strategy by which they can eliminate men, given that they receive so much attention on dating apps.

This is her filter.

Some girls filter through eliminating men who have bad openers in their messages to them.

Believe it or not, there are guys who open their messages with generic greetings such as, “Hi,” “Hello,” “How are you,” etc.

They get eliminated.

Some women filter out men who don’t meet their physical requirements whether it be in height, looks, race, etc.

Then, there are women who filter out when they don’t feel instant chemistry with a guy.

That is what you have had to contend with.

In the world of online dating, women rule.

That is just how it is.

It doesn’t do you any good to complain about it.

Complaining about it doesn’t change her behavior in the slightest.

No, she doesn’t feel bad for rejecting you.

As far as she is concerned, you are one less guy for her to worry about.

You are better off developing better conversational skills when it comes to how you talk to girls on dating apps.

Girls respond to flirting and teasing.

When you play it too safe in conversation, out of the fear of turning her off, you open yourself to getting rejecting by her in short order.

Don’t misinterpret how you go about flirting and teasing.

It doesn’t mean that you get filthy in what you say.

There are levels to this.

Lighthearted flirting and teasing is how to go about it in the early stages.

Avoid flirting about her physicality too early.

Instead, use something that has to do with her personality.

Her intelligence for instance.

Compliment it, then tease her about it.

This keeps her on her toes and makes you unpredictable.

She feels good and yet a little uncertain.

Guys are too quick to deluge women with compliments about their physicality on dating apps and this gets them nowhere.

She has heard it all before and he comes off as though he only cares about her beauty.

Play it differently.

Flirt by using a topic that isn’t about her physicality and follow that up with a tease.

Do this consistently and you separate yourself from the pack, leaving her increasingly curious about you, even when she is in the middle of conducting conversations with other guys on the dating app.