Online Dating: Should I Cancel On A Date Due To Slow Responses?

Online Dating: Should I Cancel On A Date Due To Slow Responses?

You have had it with this girl.

Upon introduction on a dating app and immediately after, she was responsive.

The conversations flowed.

This is why you asked her out on a date.

Since then, her responses have been slow.

You send her a message and wait for way too long for her to respond, and you know she is clearly online.

This is getting to be too much and you are afraid that her belated responses means that she is about to ghost you on a date that you two have planned.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to you.

You have set up dates with girls you met on dating apps in the past and been ghosted by them.

Of course, the conversation was free-flowing and easygoing upon introduction.

You got lulled into asking them out on a date and just like that, their responses began dragging.

This was followed up with a no-show on the date.

You don’t want that to happen again with this girl.

As far as you are concerned, slow responses are your signal that a girl is losing interest and about to ghost you on a date that has been agreed to.

You don’t want to keep going through this.

That is why you are considering cancelling on a date with this girl.

Since setting up said date, her responses to your messages have been slow and you don’t want your heart crushed yet again when she doesn’t show up on the date.

Listen, you have reason to worry about her belated responses.

This is especially true when she does this soon after setting up a date with you.

History has been your teacher.

Girls who have acted this way in the past have ended up not showing up on dates you had set up with them.

Okay, with that acknowledged, take a step back and ask yourself why this keeps happening.

When a girl agrees to a date, she should be excited about it.

Her consequent text messages to you should reflect that excitement to an extent.

It’s worrisome and telling that girls do the complete opposite with you.

It doesn’t always reflect on the girl and her character.

There has been a pattern of this occurrence.

Normally, when there is a pattern, a person has to look to themselves for answers.

What are you doing with your text messages after you set up a date with a girl?

Are you putting out minimal effort?

Sometimes, guys fall into a trap when they ask a girl out.

They think that they don’t have to come up with fun and interesting topics in conversation, having already set up a date.

The reasoning behind it is in their belief that they will save the best topics for the date.


The girl doesn’t transform into a robot when she agrees to a date.

She still wants to be stimulated in conversation.

When you have the attitude of saving your best for the date, you make conversations you have with her a drag.

Once she gets bored with the conversations, her responses become belated and this is what normally leads to her ghosting you on a date.

Keep the energy up in your conversations, especially after a date has been set.

Don’t get lulled into complacency.

Persist in asking her good questions with good follow-ups.

Flirt and tease.

Don’t let up.

Your work isn’t done once you have set up a date with a woman.

If anything, that is when it really begins.

Keeping her interested is what keeps you from getting ghosted in conversation or on the day of the date itself.