Are Most People On Dating Sites Of Low Quality?

Are Most People On Dating Sites Of Low Quality?

Given the sheer volume of people on dating sites, there are bound to be people of low quality.

There is no avoiding it.

Ergo, you aren’t immune from running across low quality people on dating sites.

No doubt, it gets to be too much sometimes.

As a woman, you are receiving a much greater number of messages and matches than men do.

Having all these dating options naturally makes one selective.

How couldn’t you be?

You have been getting deluged with messages and matches from day one.

It is so much easier to be pickier when this happens.

As a woman, and a human being, receiving this much attention on dating sites inflates your sense of self-importance and power.

This is attention you aren’t used to getting in real life.

At least, not in this volume.

When your inbox is filled with messages and you are receiving endless matches, there is a natural inclination to look at yourself as the most desirable woman on earth.

Why wouldn’t you feel like this?

The problem though is that it gets to your head.

As you receive all these messages and matches, you are evermore critical of dating prospects.

More critical than you would normally be with guys you meet in the real world.

You read a guy’s dating profile and the slightest thing makes you think that he is of low quality.

His isn’t dressed in the latest fashion in his photos.

He is low quality.

He isn’t pictured in exotic and expensive locations.

He is low quality.

His income isn’t as high as you would want.

He is low quality.

His height isn’t beyond 6 feet.

He is low quality.

You see, when you are on dating sites and receiving so much attention, it makes you create a distorted reality in which you think of yourself as higher value and of higher quality than what you realistically are.

This in turn makes you think that you can make demands of these men in terms of requirements that you yourself don’t meet, were the tables to be turned.

Remember, you don’t receive anywhere near this much attention in real life.

Receiving a load of attention on dating sites doesn’t mean that your value has suddenly increased.

Dating sites are filled with men looking for hookups and relationships.

Some of these men are of high quality and some aren’t.

Nonetheless, you are receiving attention from both parties when you are on a dating site.

This leaves you thinking that you deserve nothing but the highest quality.

Unfortunately, the attention you are receiving isn’t triggered by your value.

There are a lot less women on dating sites in comparison to men.

This has many men sending messages to or swiping right on literally every woman on a dating site.

Being that you are a woman, you are in this pool.

This is food for thought.

These men are playing the numbers game, hoping that by swiping right on as many women as possible, they get a few responses.

You might think that this behavior alone makes a man low quality.

Some are.

Nevertheless, numerous men, including those of high quality, are reduced to doing this, given the advantages women have on dating sites.