Online Dating: Time Wasters

Online Dating: Time Wasters

It’s been enough texting already.

These guys on dating apps don’t seem to know how to ask for a date.

Either that, or they have no desire to ask for one.

You are fed up with the endless texting.

You want to be asked out on a date.

It’s so bad, you are now deliberately not responding to their texts.

It is nothing but time-wasting.

You didn’t join a dating app to be his pen pal.

You are looking for a partner.

It’s not like you lack social skills.

You have great conversations with these men.

You have flirted, teased, asked good questions, etc.

There is no reason for these men to avoid asking you out, unless of course, they have no intent to.

This is why you are now refusing to respond to their texts.

Until you are asked out on a date, you don’t want to enable these men.

This issue is on a continuous cycle on dating apps.

These time wasters flock to you like bees to honey.

Is it to do with your dating profile?

How is it that these men somehow lock onto you?

Why are they so attracted to you?

Well, that’s a great question.

Time wasters look for a few things on a dating profile that lets them know a person is a great candidate for time-wasting.

For one, a dating profile that is very thin is attractive to them.

When you have next to nothing on your dating profile save a photo or two and a few phrases on your bio.

This gives him the impression that you aren’t serious about meeting someone on a dating app and you are there to kill time or boredom.

A time waster isn’t looking to meet.

He is looking to have fun and chat.

He wants someone to give him attention, but he has no intention of taking it further than conversation on a dating app.

When he sees a dating profile that looks like the person behind it put out minimal effort, he thinks he has a kindred spirit.

He swipes right on her.

What does your dating profile look like?

Is it substantive with well-thought-out information about yourself, or did you put it together in five minutes?

Work on creating a dating profile with depth and you reduce the number of time wasters that are attracted to you.

He doesn’t want to read all that print.

It’s too boring for him.

He moves on to the next dating profile.

Don’t forget your photos too.

Photos that are too superficial in nature, with you scantily-clad, attracts time wasters like crazy.

He immediately assumes that you aren’t taking online dating seriously, given the sensual nature of your photos.

Even one photo of yourself in a bathing suit is enough to attract him.

He sees you as someone who isn’t taking online dating seriously and swipes right.

Save your sexy photos for social media.

On dating apps, you are better off posting conservative photos.

This reduces the number of time wasters that flock to you.