Online Dating: Men Match With Me, Ask Me Out, And Then Fade Away?

Online Dating: Men Match With Me, Ask Me Out, And Then Fade Away?

These are men who weren’t serious about meeting you from the outset.

Men on dating apps play the numbers game.

They don’t receive anywhere near the number of matches that women receive.

Accordingly, it is imperative for him to line up as many potential dates with as many matches he receives as soon as possible.

Several of these men ask you out sooner rather than later.

It’s because they have realized that conversations fizzle out on dating apps.

There are too many dating options for women.

He knows that if he doesn’t ask you out fairly quickly, other guys who are jockeying for your attention will.

This doesn’t mean that he intends to actually make that date happen.

He knows that he has you as an option should he not match with someone better.

This is why you shouldn’t get overly excited when a guy vaguely asks you out on a dating app.

He isn’t always intent on making good on that.

When he fades away, it has a lot to do with the likelihood that he has lined up dates with other women that he is more attracted to.

He doesn’t tell you that of course.

But he has someone else that he has lined up for a date on Friday, possibly another for Saturday too.

You are not one of them.

Now, in the event that his dates don’t show up, there is a probability that you hear from him again in the foreseeable future.

Guys habitually return to women they matched with in the past, of whom they ghosted, when their pool of preferred dating options runs dry.

So, out of the blue, the guy is messaging you again.

The guy who vaguely asked you out weeks ago and faded away.

He is back.

Don’t get excited.

He faded away for a reason.

The moment he lines up a date with someone better on the dating app, he is destined to fade away on you again.

This is a given.

Should this guy come back into your life, don’t let him in.

He intends to use you as a filler until he matches with someone better.

This being said, what do you have to do to counter men like this on dating apps?

The next time you are talking to a new guy and he asks you out, put his foot to the fire.

Oftentimes, these guys aren’t specific with their date plans.

They just make a general statement about going out with you.

Don’t let him off that easy.

Doing this gives him the opportunity to keep you dangling on a thread for days or weeks, as you wonder why you haven’t been asked out properly yet.

To root out these men, follow up their vague proposals by asking them about where and when this date is occurring.

He isn’t expecting this.

He is used to getting away with vaguely asking a woman out and not confirming surefire plans for days or weeks.

This buys him time while he looks for someone else on the dating app that has greater appeal to him.

Don’t give him this luxury.

Put him on the spot by asking for details.

He isn’t prepared for this, so he desperately tries to evade your line of questioning.

This is how you know you have a time waster.

No need to give him a chance to fade away on you.

Do yourself a favor and unmatch with him right away.

This saves you the frustration of going through several days or weeks talking to him, as you wait for an official invite to meet, while observing your conversations with him taper off and eventually fade away altogether.