Online Dating: Why Is He Only A Texting Buddy?

Online Dating: Why Is He Only A Texting Buddy?

You have been texting a guy from a dating app and it has been going well.

It’s been some time now and he is yet to ask you to meet up in person.

This has left you feeling like he only sees you as a texting buddy.

This is surprising, given how well you two get along when texting.

The conversations are good and there is fun and laughter.

At first, you thought it prudent to be patient.

You didn’t want to force a meeting.

The last thing you wanted was to come off as desperate.

It has been weeks now and you aren’t feeling so patient anymore.

You know that it is unusual to go this long without being asked out and you are worried that you are going to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of texting.

You don’t want to be his texting buddy.

That isn’t why you signed up on a dating app.

You are looking for a relationship.

It’s not like you didn’t take a look at his dating profile before matching.

In it, he stated that he is looking for a relationship.

According to his dating profile, he is seeking what you are.

Yet, he only texts you and never tries to meet up.

A guy who does this on a dating app isn’t looking to meet up with you.

Enough time has elapsed for him to know whether he feels a romantic connection with you or not.

The idea of a dating app is to meet, not to stay on a dating app indefinitely as texting buddies.

A guy knows when he likes a girl.

He doesn’t need to text her for weeks or months to figure it out.

Unfortunately, this guy is your texting buddy and has no intentions of changing that.

He is using you to kill time and boost his ego.

He loves the attention you give him, but that is all.

It doesn’t matter how good the text conversations have gone.

A guy should never be judged by what he says alone, but what he does.

What has he done?


He isn’t asking you out to meet, even for a simple coffee.

That isn’t good.

Although his dating profile states that he is looking for a relationship, that doesn’t mean that he wants a relationship with you.

He has women he is talking to on the dating app that he prefers.

He is hoping that a relationship comes out of those exchanges.

Not out of his exchanges with you.

To him, you are good enough to be his texting buddy.

He can send you funny messages and enjoy it when you laugh in response.

Flirtatious messages included.

He loves the attention.

But that is it.

When it comes to a relationship, he has women on the dating app that he considers to be better matches.

He is asking those women out on dates.

Yes, he is meeting those women in person.

While you are relegated to being his texting buddy and facilitating his behavior, he is out and about with these women, going to dinner, coffee, etc.

You are being left out in the cold.

It’s time to stop texting this guy.

You aren’t on a dating app to be his texting buddy.

Move on.