Online Dating: Do Guys Think They Get Bonus Points For The Following Greetings: “Hi gorgeous”, “Hey love”, “Hi beautiful”, Or Just The Kissy Face Emoji?

Online Dating: Do Guys Think They Get Bonus Points For The Following Greetings: "Hi gorgeous", "Hey love", "Hi beautiful", Or Just The Kissy Face Emoji?

For many guys, greeting you with a, “Hi gorgeous”, “Hey love”, “Hi beautiful”, or just the kissy face emoji, is how they send you a compliment.

I get it.

This isn’t how you want to be complimented so early out of the gate.

But guys do think that giving you a compliment from the onset is their way into your good graces.

It has worked for him in the past.

Calling another woman gorgeous in his first greeting didn’t turn every woman off.

Some women have responded to it.

Once it works once, he uses it again and again, believing that every woman likes it.

So yes, he thinks he gets bonus points for these greetings.

There is an immediate sexual energy he is hoping to create in using these greetings.

He doesn’t want to open with a safer greeting that sends the message that he is fine with being your friend or pen pal.

He has sent messages to women in the past who ended up wanting to be friends or pen pals.

He doesn’t want to go through that again.

Sending you a kissy face emoji is instantly telling you that he is not interested in any sort of friendship, he is attracted to you and is looking for romance or to hook up.

The same applies with greeting you with, “Hi gorgeous”, “Hey love” or “Hi beautiful.”

These are all designed to send you the immediate impression that he has romantic interest in you, as opposed to platonic.

These greetings set the tone for how he wants to correspond with you.

It sets the stage for him to follow these greetings up with flirtation.

It doesn’t take long for a guy like this to quickly get into conversation centered around intimacy or something adjacent to it.

He thinks that a woman who responds to his greeting is indicating that she is open to flirting fairly quickly.

This is especially true should she respond with a “Hello handsome,” or something to that effect.

He is highly encouraged to get into flirting with the woman fairly quickly with these cues.

A guy that is this intent to get into flirting with a woman is worrisome for a woman looking for a serious relationship.

His mind is too intent on the superficial versus the substantive.

Additionally, these guys remember the effect using those words had on their ex-girlfriends or ex-wives.

In fact, in some instances, you resemble said ex.

Greeting you with, “Hi gorgeous”, “Hey love”, “Hi beautiful”, or just the kissy face emoji, hearkens back to the good times he shared with said ex.

It takes him back to that feeling of knowing that she loved hearing that.

He isn’t taking into account the likelihood that he started greeting her in this fashion after the two had established a good rapport over time.

He is just dwelling on how it felt when he would greet her in that fashion and how she would respond.

He wants to recreate that feeling when he greets women on dating apps.

Subconsciously, there is a part of him that hopes you take his ex’s place as his new love interest.