Online Dating: Why Am I Only Attracting Younger Men?

Online Dating: Why Am I Only Attracting Younger Men?

As a woman in her middle ages, you have been at the receiving end of a strange phenomenon on dating apps.

You are primarily attracting younger men.

The day you signed up on a dating app, you weren’t intent on matching with a bunch of 20-year-olds.

Yet, here you are, attracting younger men like the latest video game release.

Younger men have an affinity for seeking out older women on dating apps.

Yes, it sounds strange, but it isn’t unusual.

In his day to day life, the 20-something-year-old doesn’t get to socialize with older women all that much.

His friend circle is basically a bunch of 20-year-olds.

This means that he has primarily dated 20-year-olds.

The closest exposure he has to older women are the women at work, most of whom are already married, and some of whom are his superiors.

Besides this, he gets to talk to some of his mother’s friends at barbecues or family functions.

Other than that, as a man in his 20s, he doesn’t get that much exposure to older women.

It’s human nature to crave what you don’t have or have limited access to.

A man in his 20s has primarily dated women at or around his age and he craves something different.

It’s akin to having pizza every day for lunch.

Although he loves pizza, it’s inevitable he wakes up one morning and realizes he wants to eat something else for lunch.

A casserole.

A steak.

Something else.

As an older woman, you are something else.

You insert a new infusion of life and energy into his dating history, making it exponentially more interesting.

He doesn’t have adequate access to older women in his day to day life, but he has it on a dating app.

Dating apps have provided an opening for people to be exposed to dating prospects they would have rarely had exposure to in real life.

They get to experiment with something different.

This is a guy that has a curiosity about how middle-aged women are when it comes to dating and relationships.

He is curious.

And now, on a dating app, he has a shot at learning what a middle-aged woman is like.

He gets to compare his encounter with a middle-aged woman on a dating app with that of the younger women he has dated in the past.

This gives him a greater perspective on how women behave at different stages in life.

This makes him a better lover, as he gains knowledge beyond his years.

Take a moment to ask yourself about what you are looking for on a dating app.

If it is to hook up, these younger men make for great candidates.

They have less baggage than older men.

You aren’t having to grapple with nasty divorces, bitter ex-wives, and children from previous marriages.

If you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, and you are open to dating a younger man, exercise greater caution.

Establish his intentions beforehand.

Once you learn that he is looking for a long-term relationship, don’t rush into sleeping with him too soon.

Let him court you properly over a sustained period of time.

Younger men who are intent on using you as an experiment aren’t patient.

Once he realizes he isn’t getting to sleep with you on his timetable, he gets upset and abandons the courtship.

The guy who is serious about a relationship doesn’t do this.

He sticks around, getting to know you as a person and opening himself up to you.

This is the younger man that is the best candidate for a long-term relationship.