How Long Do You Keep A Matched Dating Profile When There Is No Response After An Initial Message Is Sent?

How Long Do You Keep A Matched Dating Profile When There Is No Response After An Initial Message Is Sent?

There was a match and you sent her an initial message.

A few days have elapsed and you haven’t gotten a response to your message.

You are worried about keeping the dating profile in your queue indefinitely, which is why you are tempted to unmatch it.

At the same time, you don’t want to be too quick to do this.

It’s not like you receive a bunch of quality matches every day.

Every quality match you receive is precious and you don’t want to act too presumptuously in unmatching with this dating profile.

Keep in mind that women receive a much greater number of messages on dating apps than men do.

With this overwhelming volume, she is prone to prioritize the messages that are well-constructed.

A message that catches her eye and compels her to respond.

This is a message that references a detail she wrote about in her bio.

A detail that she mentioned with heart.

Include this detail in your title so that she sees it right from the start.

Use a title that is in the form of a question.

This instantly gives her a reference point from which to write a response.

Guys make the mistake of sending messages that do nothing to motivate a woman to respond.

It’s no surprise that these men don’t receive responses to their messages in a timely manner, if at all.

Instead of saying the ubiquitous, “Hello beautiful,” or, “Nice profile. How is your day going?,” take the time to look at her dating profile and find a detail that you are then going to use to send her a proper message.

There are a number of topics that women have an emotional response to.

These are topics that stimulate them, compelling them to respond to a message.

A few of these are topics around travel, relationships and animals.

If you see information on her dating profile where these elements are mentioned in any capacity, this is where you start.

Include the topic in your title.

For example, let’s say somewhere in her dating profile she mentioned her dog.

This is your angle.

Write a title and initial message in reference to her dog.

A few ideas would be to ask about the dog’s name or breed.

Being that you are introducing a topic that triggers an emotional response in her, you have dramatically increased the odds that she not only responds to your initial message, but does it in a timely fashion.

Too many guys get lazy and choose to send generic initial messages without paying proper attention to what she wrote about in her dating profile.

It’s no surprise they rarely receive prompt responses to their initial messages, if any.

Once you start using this method, you won’t have to wait long to get a response.

Since women prioritize the best messages, yours will stick out from the rest.

A message that is designed to trigger an emotional reaction from her, rarely goes for more than a day or two without receiving a response.

If you don’t adopt this strategy in the initial messages you send to your matches, you will keep running into the same issue of having to wait, wondering about when or whether a response is imminent.

Any matched dating profile that has gone for as long as 7 days without responding to your initial message, is unlikely to ever respond to it.