When He Is Wearing A Wedding Ring In His Main Dating Profile Picture?

When He Is Wearing A Wedding Ring In His Main Dating Profile Picture?

It has you puzzled.

Right there in his main dating profile picture is his hand with a wedding ring on it.

There is nothing on his dating profile about him being married.

It states that he is single.

Yet, he is wearing a wedding ring in his main dating profile picture, and he is on a dating app.

It seems like an oxymoron.

Although his dating profile is impressive enough, you don’t want to assume that he is single, given what he is wearing in his main dating profile picture.

Last thing you want is to get excited about this guy, open a conversation with him, and find out weeks later that he is married.

What are the chances that he didn’t realize that he had given himself away by posting a picture with him wearing a wedding ring?

Is he lying about being single?

Your befuddlement is warranted.

There is a contradiction.

On the one hand, his dating profile states that he is single, and on the other hand, he has a main dating profile picture with a wedding ring on.

I wouldn’t be too worried about the fact that he is wearing a wedding ring on his finger in his main dating profile picture.

Guys aren’t the most prolific nor enthusiastic picture-takers of themselves.

When this guy decided to sign up on a dating app, he hadn’t made any preparations to take quality pictures of himself beforehand.

He dug out a picture from his meager collection of pictures and posted it to his dating profile without thinking too much of it.

Unlike women, a guy isn’t prone to constantly taking pictures when he is out and about, or when he is immersed in an activity.

It’s unlikely he is married.

A married man on a dating app who is actively matching with women and going out on dates with them has a short shelf life.

Some of the women he meets on a dating app and consequently goes out on dates with are going to pick up on the truth of his marital status.

Once she has this knowledge, and has discovered that he is married, she is reporting him to the app.

Any legitimate dating app removes his dating profile once they verify these accusations being made by several female members of their community.

You see, if he is married, he wouldn’t last long on a legitimate dating app.

If this doesn’t calm your fears and you continue to worry that he is secretly married, there is something else you can do.

Look him up on social media.

It is extremely easy to find someone on social media through using the information you gather on their dating profile.

A few quick methods to do this is to do a name or image search.

Once you find him on social media, you get to confirm whether he is single or not.

The good news is that you get to do this without having to talk to him first.

It’s uncanny what power you have at your fingertips through the internet.