Should I Be On Dating Apps When I’m Still Working On Myself?

Should I Be On Dating Apps When I'm Still Working On Myself?

You shouldn’t.

Clearly, you believe that you have personal issues that require your attention and need to be fixed.

These personal issues come first.

If you were to get on dating apps when you are still working on yourself, you are dividing your attention between two areas.

On the one hand, you are on a dating app looking to talk to women and get dates, on the other hand, you are still working on yourself.

Something is bound to suffer.

You are dropping the ball on something, and unfortunately, it is most likely the part where you are working on yourself.

It’s likely you get too distracted from working on yourself when you are on a dating app.

You are too busy receiving matches and getting into conversations with various women.

On top of this, you are going out on dates.

All of this is distracting.

With this much distraction, you are susceptible to losing ground on the work you have been doing on yourself.

Instead of going to see your mental health therapist as you were previously doing each week, you go on a date with a new girl you have been talking to on a dating app.

In lieu of reading a self-help book, you are talking on the phone for hours to a new girl.

Going to the gym to work out is being increasingly sacrificed so that you get to do a video chat with a new girl.

This is what happens when you dare to combine online dating with working on yourself.

Telling yourself that you can handle it is nothing but lip service.

You are bound to drop the ball on something.

Inevitably, you aren’t working on yourself anymore, as you get sucked into the world of online dating.

All the work you were doing on yourself and the gains you enjoyed before joining a dating app, goes out the window.

Your personal issues aren’t gone.

They are still there.

If you were to hit it off with a girl you meet on a dating app and get into an exclusive relationship with her, it’s only a matter of time before your personal issues become a factor in the relationship.

A new girlfriend isn’t going to heal you of your personal issues.

All she does is provide a distraction for a short while.

But your personal issues will resurface, and when they do, you are in jeopardy of losing that new girlfriend.

She is going to be taken by surprise by your change in behavior, considering you never exhibited this behavior when you were courting her.

You are quick to anger, and your moods fluctuate with regularity.

It has been weeks since you took her out on a date.

It doesn’t take long before she gets fed up with this and dumps you.

Now you are at a worse place than where you were when you signed up on a dating app.

You have lost a new girlfriend and lost a lot of ground on the work you were doing on yourself before you got distracted by a dating app.

You are right back to zero.

Is this what you want?

Of course not.

Keep working on yourself for now.

Once you have done the work and gotten to a much better place mentally and with your life, you are ready to get on dating apps.

This works in your favor.

It makes it easier to connect with a girl on a dating app, and improves the odds of developing a healthy sustainable relationship with her upon getting into an exclusive relationship.