Online Dating: Guy Canceled First Date Two Hours Prior And Asked To Reschedule For The Next Day?

Online Dating: Guy Canceled First Date Two Hours Prior And Asked To Reschedule For The Next Day?

It wasn’t welcoming news when he canceled the first date.

After having met on a dating app, you were getting along effortlessly.

He asked you out to a first date and you accepted, looking forward to it.

The thought of matching the online persona with the real life person was exciting.

It didn’t make you feel good to see his message to you two hours prior to the date asking to reschedule for the next day.

I hear you.

It was a downer.

But don’t take it to heart.

First date cancellations are commonplace.

On average, first dates have the highest rates of cancellations than consequent dates.

Don’t take it personally.

The good news is that he rescheduled the date for the next day and that is a good sign.

A rescheduling for another day that is close to the original date set for a first date is a good sign that he is sincere in wanting to see you, and that his reason for canceling the first date two hours prior was valid.

On the contrary, should he cancel this reschedule for yet another date, this is where it gets suspicious.

He should have a good grasp of his schedule.

Canceling a reschedule is normally a sign he isn’t prioritizing you.

Keeping this in mind, keep a watchful eye on whether he holds to this reschedule.

If he cancels yet again on you for the second time, he is wasting your time.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing his excuses.

It is highly unusual for a man to have a legitimate excuse to break two dates in a row, especially a man who joined a dating app to find dates in the first place.

You can forgive the first cancelation, especially when he immediately reschedules for a date that is close to that of the original date, but you mustn’t forgive a second consecutive one.

This is a philosophy you should apply with any guy you meet on a dating app.

It protects you from being put on the back burner over and over as you wait on a guy to follow through on a first date.

Guys on dating apps are especially adept at canceling and rescheduling dates, being that dating apps provide so many dating options.

A guy lines up a number of dates and prioritizes the ones he is most interested in going to.

When he cancels on a first date with a girl and reschedules, there is a probability that he did that so as to facilitate a date with another girl that he is prioritizing.

Next thing you know, he does it again, and again, putting you on the back burner as he prioritizes other dates.

You don’t want some guy to be wasting your time stringing you along.

All of this being said, it doesn’t mean that this guy in particular is intent on doing this to you.

Give him the benefit of the doubt.

But if he cancels the rescheduled date on you, let him go and move on.