Online Dating: Dating While Disabled?

Online Dating: Dating While Disabled?

It has been rough.

Dating while disabled has made it harder for you to get matches on dating apps.

The few matches you have received haven’t worked out and you are positive that your disability had something to do with it.

You are worried about including your disability in your dating profile.

It is hard enough to get matches and you believe that putting your disability in your dating profile won’t do you any favors in getting a greater number of matches.

Yet, you don’t want to blindside people with your disability upon meeting you.

The last thing you want is to have someone have a nervous breakdown or get visibly angry in public upon seeing you on a first date and spotting your disability.

It’s like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You want to be transparent about your disability by including that truth on your dating profile or mentioning it while chatting with a new match, but you worry that doing so is going to leave you with next to no matches.

All you want is for someone to give you a chance.

Having had this disability for a long time, you know how to manage it.

You don’t believe that it is that much of an impediment to developing a fairly normal romantic relationship with someone.

It’s not like you would need a future partner to help you with everything in life.

You can take care of yourself.

That being said, the disability is a real factor in your life and any one who dates you would have to contend with it in some capacity.

You are indeed in a tough situation and I know that it hasn’t been easy for you.

Nevertheless, you have to be upfront about your disability.

It doesn’t do you any good to omit that information from your dating profile.

It should be included.

If you don’t include it, you are mostly wasting your time and that of the match you are talking to.

He is going to find out about your disability sooner or later.

What then?

People who are disabled have a misconception that omitting their disability from their dating profile affords them the leeway to build rapport with a match, which in turn, improves their chances of getting the match to stick around.

This is the wrong viewpoint.

If anything, a match you have been building rapport with through conversations over weeks is going to be appalled that you kept your disability from them.

He instantly forgets that he has gotten to know you over the course of several weeks and is now immersed in the negative emotions triggered within him by learning that you omitted this information on your dating profile.

I know you don’t want to hear this, given how hard it has been for you to get matches, but you are doing yourself and your match a disservice by omitting your disability from your dating profile.

Include that information on your dating profile.

Now, as far as getting an increased number of matches as a disabled person, adopt a strategy of drawing attention to what makes you unique and fun.

Don’t dwell on your disability by constantly drawing attention to it on your dating profile or bio.

Instead, talk about what makes you so unique and fun.

Showcase your personality.

Post photos that show you having fun participating in activities you are capable of doing well.

This lets prospective matches know that your life isn’t about your disability, as you are much more than that.

You have a multifaceted life that is positive.

Using this approach keeps prospective matches from dwelling on your disability, knowing that there is so much more to you than your disability.

Look, the reality is, there are going to be men who won’t want to date you on account of your disability no matter how dynamic you are or active your lifestyle is.

But, these men aren’t your concern.

When you make the focal point of your dating profile your dynamic personality and the fun activities you are capable of participating in, you increase the number of matches you get.