Guy I Went On A Date With On Sunday Was Active On The Dating App Last Night, Red Flag?

Guy I Went On A Date With On Sunday Was Active On The Dating App Last Night, Red Flag?

It isn’t a red flag.

You two aren’t in an exclusive relationship.

The date on Sunday was one date.

No matter how good the date was, he has no idea how it is going to go from here.

For all he knows, you were pretending on the first date.

He doesn’t know for sure whether you were being the real you or whether you were acting in a way to entice him to like you.

Hopefully, you were true to who you are on the date.

But he doesn’t know that.

The date was on Sunday and he was active on the dating app the following night.

It isn’t a red flag.

It is too early in his time with you for him to abandon the dating app altogether by deleting his account or hiding his dating profile from view.

To think that he shouldn’t get back on the dating app after a single date with you is extremely shortsighted.

For a moment, think about a world where he wasn’t active on the dating app the following night.

Instead, he was so excited about the date he had with you on Sunday that he returned to the dating app only to delete his account or hide it.

Now he is calling and texting you incessantly looking to chat.

He does this day after day.

On your second date with him, he is already breaking boundaries by touching you where he shouldn’t and getting a bit too close to you physically.

On top of this, he is asking you extraordinarily intimate questions about yourself and your life that you aren’t alright with revealing this soon.

On your third date with him, he is proclaiming his love for you and demanding that you put on the promise ring he recently spent the bulk of his life savings on.

Okay, I am taking it to the extreme, but you get the point.

A guy who has gotten carried away with how amazing his first date was with you is prematurely making assumptions of you.

He has already made a decision that you meet everything he is looking for in a romantic partner.

Basically, you are the girl of his dreams.

His complete intention is now fixated on getting you to become his girlfriend.

Keeping these caveats in mind, is this alternate world the one you want to be a part of?

In truth, being active on the dating app the following night was a good sign.

He didn’t get carried away with the date on Sunday to such an extent that he put all of his romantic hopes on you.

On the contrary, he is keeping his dating options open, which in turn, relieves undue pressure from you.

Go along with it.

If you two are compatible, and the best match, an exclusive relationship is imminent.

He is going to choose you.

To get to this outcome, you two have to go out on several future dates and get to know each other on a deeper basis through substantive conversations.

Instead of getting ahead of yourself by questioning whether it was a red flag that he was active on the dating app the night after your first date, take it one date at a time.

One date isn’t enough to determine whether you two are made for each other.