Beyond Looks, What Makes a Good Dating Profile?

Beyond Looks, What Makes a Good Dating Profile?

Taking the time to create a well-thought-out dating profile works in your favor on dating apps.

Yes, looks are critical, especially on dating apps.

People are more superficial on dating apps, given that the first introduction they get to a potential match is relegated to a dating profile.

Looks take precedence for a significant amount of people on dating apps.

It isn’t everything, but it is critical.

Bearing this in mind, don’t ignore your photos.

Put out an effort to take good photos that are fun to look at.

This being said, good-looking photos aren’t the only definition of a good dating profile.

How you construct your dating profile does matter.

Making a good dating profile requires that you take the time to fill out questionnaires you are presented with.

Too many people avoid this part at their peril.

They post a few photos, write a brief bio, fill out a handful of preferences, and sit back, waiting for the matches to flow in.

This isn’t the right approach to creating a good dating a profile.

Be patient enough to fill out whatever is being asked of you.

Several dating apps have these questionnaires.

The answers you provide in these questionnaires provide further insight into who you are as a person.

Insight that your photos or brief bio alone are incapable of doing.

Don’t ignore questionnaires on dating apps.

The dating app’s algorithm places a lot of weight on these questionnaires and completing them facilitates in the process of getting better matches.

Never let your dating profile sit for weeks or months on end without an update.

Too many people create a dating profile and leave it as is into perpetuity.

Don’t do this.

A good dating profile is fluid.

See to it that you are constantly revisiting your dating profile, updating it with further information about yourself, which would include what you have been up to lately.

For example, you got back from a vacation in Europe recently.

This is a golden opportunity to log into your account and update your dating profile with interesting information about your trip, including updating your photo section with fresh photos of your trip.

Keeping your dating profile fluid makes it alive and dynamic.

A dating app’s algorithm loves a dynamic dating profile that is consistently getting updated.

This improves your odds of getting better matches.

Additionally, a good dating profile has a detailed bio.

This is when you have taken the time to write a full bio with descriptive sentences and paragraphs.

This being said, your bio shouldn’t be filled with paragraphs and sentences that are too long.

There is nothing more painful than reading through a bio that is filled with endless, clunky paragraphs and sentences.

Be descriptive, but use short paragraphs and well-punctuated sentences, that have commas.

This makes your bio a joy to read, as opposed to a chore to get through.

A good dating profile is personable.

Instead of sounding like a robot as you write bullet points about yourself, infuse personality into what you are writing.

This is where you use humor, wit, sarcasm, self-deprecation, teasing, etc., to make your bio an exceptionally fun and personable read.

Too many people are too eager to get done with their bio.

Creating robotic sentences keeps them from having to take the time to be creative.

This doesn’t work.

Being personable makes your bio sound like it was written by a unique human being, as opposed to artificial intelligence.

As a potential match reads it, it feels like they are having a conversation with you.

This is how you create an instant emotional connection, which motivates a person to swipe right on your dating profile.