Online Dating: Why Am I Being Shown Men Who I’m Completely Incompatible With?

Online Dating: Why Am I Being Shown Men Who I'm Completely Incompatible With?

Though you have been descriptive about what you are looking for in a partner, you keep being shown men who are completely incompatible with you.

These matches aren’t close.

These men are complete opposites to what you are looking for.

You don’t want kids, he does.

You want a serious relationship, he doesn’t know what he wants.

You have lots of hobbies and ambitions, he has none.

You are non-religious, he is Christian, Catholic, etc.

These men are as far from compatible with you as they come.

Nevertheless, these are the matches you keep being shown on a dating app.

It has you pulling your hair out.

You have gone as far as wonder whether the dating app’s algorithm is doing this on purpose.

Is this how it forces you to pay for a subscription?

The idea being, you would be shown much more compatible matches if you pay for a subscription.

These thoughts have crossed your mind ad nauseum.

You don’t like the stink of it.

In a world where a dating app is tricking you into buying a subscription through purposely showing you incompatible matches, you worry about what else it is capable of doing.

I know you are agitated, but slow down with this train of thought.

There is something you have to be aware about algorithms.

They are designed to adapt.

It takes a while for an algorithm to figure out what matches work best for you, even though you have included your preferences in your dating profile.

Algorithms aren’t designed to automatically show you matches that are completely compatible with your preferences.

Algorithms thrive on adaptation and activity.

It’s mathematical code that is designed to watch, analyze, and react.

Basically, in order to show you much more compatible matches, an algorithm watches your behavior.

That is how it adapts to what you are doing and makes changes to the matches it shows you.

This is where being proactive on a dating app works in your favor.

Don’t sit back and leave it to the dating app’s algorithm to show you compatible matches.

Doing this leaves you stuck in this cycle of being shown incompatible matches.

Instead, be proactive.

Send messages to guys you are interested in.

Initiate conversations with them.

Send them interest signals in the form of Super Likes, winks, hearts, etc.

Obviously, these are men you deem compatible with you, in accordance with what you see on their dating profiles.

Like you, he doesn’t want kids, has hobbies and ambitions, wants a serious relationship, and is non-religious.

Doing this consistently lets the algorithm know that these are the types of dating profiles you are attracted to.

It sees you having back and forth conversations with these men and realizes that these are men you respond to.

This is when there is a significant improvement in the matches you are shown by the algorithm.

Algorithms are designed to watch and adapt.

Once an algorithm observes your behavior, it adapts to it by showing you matches that are similar to those you have been proactively messaging.