Saw An Online Dating Profile Of A Coworker That I Have A Bit Of A Crush On. Was It Okay To Contact Him?

Saw An Online Dating Profile Of A Coworker That I Have A Bit Of A Crush On. Was It Okay To Contact Him?

There was excitement when you saw your coworker’s online dating profile.

Finally, here was a match that you felt a connection to.

Though familiar with this coworker, conversations with him at work have been mostly in passing.

A polite greeting with small talk.

It has never gone further than that.

Yet, when you saw his online dating profile, you were elated.

From the moment you first saw him at work, you thought he was attractive.

As you got a better sense of his personality whenever you had small talk with each other, you were further impressed by his charm and developed a bit of a crush on him.

There have been several nights where you have gone to sleep wondering what it would be like to go out on a date with him or be in a relationship with him.

As though your prayers were being answered, you saw his online dating profile not too long after joining a dating app.

Was the universe telling you something?

Were you meant for each other?

In that moment, you didn’t want to think too hard about whether or not you should contact him.

You did.

You sent him a Super Like and a message along these lines, “Hey, small world!”

Since then, it has been several days and you haven’t heard back from him.

This has you worried that you were wrong in messaging a coworker on a dating app.

Did this cross the lines of professionalism?

It’s not like this is a coworker who works in your department.

He doesn’t.

It’s a large organization and you so happen to bump into him from time to time, or at a workshop.

This isn’t a coworker that you have a close working relationship with.

That being said, now that it has been several days since you sent the Super Like and message, without a response, you are questioning whether you made the right move.

This has you worried about how to behave upon seeing him at work.

Do you act as though nothing happened and do the quintessential small talk or do you ignore him?

Firstly, it was perfectly fine to message him.

You work in separate departments, which means that neither one of you have any direct influence over each other.

He isn’t your boss and you aren’t his boss.

There is no reason for human resources to have any issues with the prospect of the pair of you dating each other.

This should quell your fears about the repercussions of dating a coworker.

Right now, your best bet is to maintain professionalism.

Acting differently towards him when you see him at work creates tension.

Even though you aren’t in the same department, the mere thought that you could bump into him at any moment in a hallway, breakroom, or at a workshop, would give you anxiety.

This negatively affects the quality of your work and how well you get along with coworkers.

It isn’t worth it to jeopardize your work and work relationships based on an anxiety about the prospects of whether he messages you back or not.

Having a bit of a crush on him, you did the right thing in sending him a Super Like and messaging him.

Should you never hear back from him, it’s okay.

Don’t let this affect how you behave at work.

Not everyone you like is fated to like you back.

Such is life in the world of dating and relationships.

Keep your head up and press on in making connections with new matches you receive on a dating app.

He is not the first crush you have ever had and he won’t be the last.

As long as you remain active on a dating app, it’s inevitable you get matched with men who meet what you are looking for in a partner.

Trust in that and keep moving forward.