Online Dating: Should I Ask To FaceTime Before Our First Date?

Online Dating: Should I Ask To FaceTime Before Our First Date?


It’s a good idea to ask to FaceTime before your first date.

Meeting and chatting on a dating app isn’t exactly the same thing as chatting to each other over a video call.

Chatting to each other through a video call on FaceTime further assesses whether the chemistry you have shared on a dating app translates to a face to face video interaction.

Save meeting each other in person face to face, doing a FaceTime video call gives you the next best idea about whether you have chemistry with each other.

Honestly, doing a video call is what everyone on dating apps should do before a first date.

A video call gives a pair of matches a preview of what communication is like between them beyond a dating app.

This informs you on whether it would be worth it to go on a first date afterward.

Alas, most people don’t do a video call before meeting on a first date for a number of reasons, but it is to their detriment.

This means that you are making the right decision, and you are so far ahead of the typical behavior of those who decide to meet on a first date without doing a FaceTime video call.

The FaceTime video call doesn’t have to be long.

It’s a fairly quick precursor before your first date.

To reiterate, a FaceTime video call further assesses whether the chemistry you have shared with her on a dating app translates to chemistry while chatting face to face on video.

A dating app is anonymous.

This makes communication with a match somewhat different.

It is impersonal, which tempts people to portray themselves as people they aren’t.

A video call is a lot more transparent.

A pair of matches can’t hide behind a keyboard when they are doing a video call.

You get to see each other face to face on a screen.

This means that the conversation is live and extemporaneous, which is a very good barometer for how well you get along beyond a dating app.

Doing a FaceTime video call verifies that the person you have been chatting with on a dating app is not only who they say they are, but they look like their photos.

This is huge.

A popular complaint by people who match on dating apps and meet in person is that they have met matches who don’t look like their photos.

Discovering that a match has misrepresented what they look like in their photos is such a buzz kill on a first date.

It ruins the first date before it has barely started.

A FaceTime video call before a first date eliminates this contingency.

A FaceTime video call is extremely useful in breaking through nerves too.

Lots of matches on dating apps who meet in person without doing a video call are nervous.

These nerves have a tendency to ruin the first date, making either party unsettled at the date.

This leads to stifled conversation and stiff body language.

With a FaceTime video call, you have the advantage of getting these nerves out of the way before the official first date.

This dramatically increases the odds that you have a successful first date.