When Someone On A Dating App Ghosts You And Comes Back 2 Months Later With, “Hey, Stranger?”

When Someone On A Dating App Ghosts You And Comes Back 2 Months Later With, "Hey, Stranger?"

When he ghosted you 2 months ago, he had more dating options on the dating app.

Since then, his dating options have dried out.

That is when you get the message 2 months later that says, “Hey, Stranger.”

The idea is to avoid mentioning that he was the one who ghosted you 2 months back.

He doesn’t want you to think about that, preferring instead that you forget that he ghosted you 2 months back.

In essence, he wants you to have a mild form of amnesia.

The hope is that you remember the good parts of his relations with you 2 months back, as opposed to the reality that he ghosted you without warning.

Be careful that you don’t get excited over this message.

If you have not been having that much luck on the dating app with matches and dates in the last 2 months, it makes you that much more susceptible to replying to his message out of desperation.

This is what he is counting on and why you mustn’t fall for it.

Falling for it plays right into his hands.

In replying to this message, you are basically indicating that it was okay for him to ghost you 2 months back, and that you are forgiving and permitting his bad behavior.

It means that you embolden him to do it again.

Be certain that the moment someone better comes along, he ghosts you again, switching his efforts to courting the new and preferred match.

This is normally how it plays out unfortunately.

Saying, “Hey, Stranger,” is his way of showing playfulness.

Knowing that you could be upset with him over ghosting you, using this message as his intro sets a playful tone that he hopes you reciprocate in your response to him.

This is an emotionally manipulative tactic that gets him back in your good graces by keeping you from fixating on how he ghosted you, and wanting to match his playfulness instead.

He wants you to have a layer of doubt in your mind as far as what happened 2 months back.

This is where you ask yourself about whether you were the one who somehow instigated the ghosting.

Using the word, “Stranger,” in his message has that effect.

It makes you reflect on why you two became strangers in the first place, when everything seemed to be progressing fine upon matching with each other on a dating app.

Did you get caught up with life and forget about messaging him back 2 months ago?

Did you get too caught up on venturing out on dates with other matches, that you forgot about messaging him back?

A message like this has an effect of making you question what actually happened and whether you had a hand in causing the relations you had with him to end.

It’s a sly way for him to relieve himself of the responsibility that came with ghosting you.

Instead, he is hoping that a gap of 2 months, and a fuzzy memory, has you taking ownership of who ghosted who.

Don’t get tricked into thinking that somehow you were the one at fault for the ghosting.

You are better off ignoring this message, and moving on.