Online Dating: I Got My First Super Like, But I Feel No Attraction Whatsoever?

Online Dating: I Got My First Super Like, But I Feel No Attraction Whatsoever?

There is nothing wrong with the fact that you aren’t attracted to this guy.

Even though you received a Super Like from him on a dating app, it doesn’t obligate you to respond to him when you already know that you feel no attraction for him whatsoever.

It is your first Super Like, and I know that you would have preferred that it was from someone you are attracted to.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and you have to accept that.

This in no way means that your next Super Like won’t be from a guy you are attracted to.

Let that give you encouragement.

That being said, avoid replying to this Super Like.

You aren’t obligated to do so.

In Super Liking your dating profile, he knows he was taking a risk.

It is always a risk.

There are no guarantees that anyone that is Super Liked is going to be attracted to the person who Super Liked them.

With this in mind, you aren’t obligated to reply to this guy’s Super Like.

You aren’t attracted to him, and thus, there is no reason for you to reply to this Super Like.

Not doing so keeps you from giving him the wrong impression.

Lots of women make the mistake of replying to a Super Like to be polite, kindly thanking the guy and letting him down easy, when they aren’t attracted to the guy.

Unfortunately, some of these men interpret this as a sign that she is playing hard to get.

Instead of letting you be, he continues messaging you, hoping to win you over.

This only causes you more stress.

After all, you already have your hands full working on finding a compatible match on a dating app.

The last thing you want is to keep getting harassed by a guy who doesn’t seem capable of taking a hint.

Remember, he already knows it’s a risk to Super Like your dating profile.

He knows that getting rejected by any woman he Super Likes is par for the course.

Lots of men purposely Super Like the dating profiles of women who are completely out of their league in looks.

He is lying to himself and he knows it.

Fully aware that he has never dated a woman who is out of his league in looks in his real life, he chooses to ignore that history when he is using a dating app.

That is on him.

He has chosen to Super Like a dating profile of a woman he knows is completely out of her league, and that is on him.

You are clearly not attracted to him.

That is not your fault.

Rest assured that he has Super Liked several other dating profiles of women who are much better looking than him on the dating app.

And like you, he is going to learn that this is a waste of his time and money.

No need to feel guilty about not replying to his Super Like.

He knew what he was doing when he chose to Super Like the dating profile of a woman who is much better looking than him.