How To Propose To Her

How To Propose To HerYou have arrived at a very important place in your life.

You are about to propose to her and you are now wondering how you should go about doing it.

These tips could help you along.

Be Sure

Be certain that this is what you want.

Are you in love with the thought of being married?

Do you simply feel that this is something that is expected of you?

Have you been feeling a degree of pressure from family or friends?

Deciding to propose to her must be something you want to do because it is what ‘you’ want to do and not for anything else.


Although you may want to go with the flow of the moment, it’s not a bad idea to practice saying the words first.

Saying the words helps to build your confidence and also allows you to hear just how genuine the words sound to you.

Remember that this is a moment that she will tell people about for years to come, hence, you need to get it right.

Buy A Ring

Obviously ‘the ring’ is synonymous with marriage.

However, understand that she may want to actually pick out her own ring eventually.

When you choose a preliminary ring, ensure that it is one that can easily be fitted to her dimensions and that it can easily be replaced for another that she may prefer.

Pick The Right Time

Timing is extremely important.

If you recently had a verbal fight, you may want to avoid proposing just yet.

Same goes for if she had a bad day at work, unhappy about something or simply in a bad mood.

You want her mind to be clear when the big moment arrives.

If you catch her at the wrong time, it could ruin the moment.

Choose A Comfortable Environment

Whether you choose to propose to her at home or at another venue, pick one that is comfortable and serene.

You want her to be as comfortable as possible when that moment arrives.

If she is in an environment where she is relaxed and feels good, it bodes well for the two of you.

Venues where there is too much going on around you can be distracting.

Dress Well

This is not just another day in the yard.

This is going to be one of the biggest days of your life.

Hence, take the time to dress well for the occasion.

You don’t have to overdo it, but do look good.

She will be a lot more appreciative of you if you appear clean and prepped than if you looked like you just finished working on your car.

Hiding The Ring

You don’t have to hide the ring, but if you choose to do so, there are a few choice places that you can hide it.

Try not to get too creative for your own good on this so that you don’t actually end up ruining the moment.

You can hide it in a box of chocolates, jewelry, a bouquet of flowers, inside a box that contains a new outfit you just bought her, inside a box of perfume or even inside a wrapped napkin, if you are going the romantic dinner route.

Keep It Short

Try to avoid a long drawn out speech before proposing.

Yes, sometimes you see this in the movies.

A guy will recite about 15 lines of poetry before he finally pops the question.

In reality, by the time you have gotten through your speech she may be bored to tears.

Remember, you need to capture the moment.

By keeping the speech short, you keep the moment somewhat spontaneous and exciting.

Stay Focused

Try not to become overwhelmed with emotion when proposing.

Save that for afterward.

This is a time that you need to have a clear head about you.

Clearing your throat a few times is okay or even stuttering a little, but do try to maintain your composure.

When you get your answer, you can open the floodgates of tears if you want, but not before.

Be Prepared For Her Answer

You are happier than ever and as a result you may not want to consider a response that is contrary to what you hope for.

Although you may not want to consider this, the reality is, you have to.

You need to be prepared for whatever response you get whether it is a “yes,” “no,” “maybe” or “let me think about it.”

Be ready to respond with kindness no matter the response.

You are asking her to spend the rest of her life with you.

That is a huge deal.

Allow her to be able to give you an honest answer without fearing your reaction.