How To Read His Body Language

How To Read His Body Language

Being able to read a man’s body language can be one of the best indicators of exactly how he feels about you.

Sometimes, you will need more than words to help you know if he is truly romantically interested in you.


Lingering Eye Contact

He will steal glances at you and will hold the contact for a little longer than usual.

If you are noticing this, then he is sending you a very clear signal that he likes you.

What’s even better is if you can see the pupils of his eyes.

If the pupils are dilated, then he is sending a clear signal of interest.

Body Is Directly In Front Of Yours Or At Close Angle

When his body is directly facing yours at a relatively close proximity, he is breaking the physical space barrier.

Also, if his body is at an angle at close proximity to your own, he is displaying very open body language.

This type of body language simply means that you are strongly of interest to him and he is trying to show it with his proximity to you.

Starts Preening

Watch for preening.

This simply means that if you notice him starting to adjust his hair, his collar or sleeves, he is unconsciously sending the signal that he is interested in you.

When he repeatedly does this, he has become highly interested in you.

There are few signs that surpass this.

Leans In

When he leans in to you, he is not only indicating that what is being discussed is intriguing to him but also that he is very interested in you as well.

Leaning in is an unconscious display of true interest.

When he is comfortable enough to do this, he has reached a strong level of interest.

Mimics You

You may notice him beginning to mimic your posture or your gestures.

In mimicking you, he is trying to create a bond.

He is also trying to show that the two of you have some chemistry.


Maintains Physical Distance

If you notice that he has not broken that physical space barrier, this is a good indicator that he may not be interested.

Anything at 3 feet or more is a good judge.

By doing this, he is showing a lack of interest in the conversation and in your person in general.

Eyes Distracted

When you notice that he is constantly looking away and about the room or that he cannot maintain eye contact with you for a decent amount of time, he may not be interested.

There are few signs that are better than this.

If whatever else around you is more interesting to him than your conversation, he has already mentally shut you out and is merely going through the motions.

Subtle Glances At His Watch Or Phone

It’s highly unlikely that he keeps glancing at his watch or his phone because he has a plane to catch.

By doing this, he is clearly indicating a lack of interest.

He is also displaying a sense of agitation about the whole situation.

At this point, it is likely that he will end the interaction soon.

Perpetual Erect Posture

Some men display an erect posture when they are trying to attract women or indicate interest.

They may stand up taller or boost their shoulders.

However, if a man maintains this erect stance for the majority of your interaction, he is indicating a sense of unease.

In other words, he never got comfortable enough around you to end this posture.

When this happens, he is not feeling the right kind of chemistry with you.

Lips Remain Closed

If you notice that his lips only open when he speaks and remain shut the rest of time, it is a good indicator that he is not interested.

Men tend to part their lips every now and then when they are interested in someone.

This is closed body language that unconsciously sends a message of distance and incompatibility.