Sex Tips: Foreplay And The Female Erogenous Zones

Sex Tips: Foreplay And The Female Erogenous ZonesHeading for the obvious areas of stimulation such as breasts and vagina are typically the norm for most men.

However, most women prefer that men stimulate their erogenous zones before going for the main course.

Erogenous zones on the body are those parts that contain the most nerve endings.

When stimulated, these nerve endings produce intense and wildly pleasurable sensations.

The reason why breasts and the vagina(the clitoris in particular) are highly effective erogenous zones is because they contain a large number of nerve endings.

However, there are other parts of the female body that are highly sensitive as well.

When you begin foreplay on your partner, watch for these spots.

Behind The Knees And Elbows

The area behind the knees and elbows are highly sensitive because they have a lot of nerve endings.

By kissing, nibbling and licking on these areas you cause enormous excitement and stimulation.

It’s best to start with the inside of the elbows and work your way down to the inside of the knees.

This builds her anticipation.

Inner Thighs

Unfortunately, this is a highly ignored area during foreplay as men are typically tempted to go straight for the vagina when they are this close.

However, spending more time at the inside of her thighs greatly improves her stimulation.

This part of her body has a tremendous amount of nerve endings which ensure that they are highly sensitive to touching, stroking, licking and kissing.

Lingering on this part of her body sends her excitement through the roof.

The Lips

Most partners kiss.

However, the problem is that the kissing is rarely enough.

Men are often impatient and want to get to the hot spots(breasts and vagina) as soon as possible, which leaves the woman wanting more.

Women do not only love kissing because of it’s romantic element but also because the lips are very sensitive.

Spending more time kissing her lips triggers a large of amount of sexual stimulation throughout her body.

Small Of Her Back and Spine

The small of her back contains a large amount of nerve endings.

Take your time and attend to this area by applying kisses to it.

Also, massage the area as well.

Kneading hands are extremely stimulating.

Experts have determined that stimulating this area increases the blood flow to the pelvic area which leads to vaginal lubrication and increased anticipation of intercourse.

Also, kissing or licking up and down the spine creates an incredible sensation that leaves her craving more.

Back Of Her Neck Or The Nape

This area is highly sensitive to touch.

It’s also highly sensitive to your breath.

When you are in this area, breath on it and apply soft kisses.

It will drive her wild.

The closer you are to her ears, the more pleasurable and intense her experience.


Men often ignore feet.

Perhaps they simply don’t know just how powerful of a sexual stimulant this part of the female body is.

Then again, they may simply have a problem with attending to a part of the body that is constantly being used as a mode of transportation.

Either way, the feet is a highly erogenous zone on the female body.

There is a reason why feet tend to be ticklish.

They have a lot of nerve endings.

Feet are also capable of releasing powerful pheromones that arouse.

You should massage her feet, particularly the soles.

She should respond positively to the sense of touch.

Then, move on to her toes.

Place them in your mouth and suck on them.

This is called “shrimping” and the sensation causes an incredibly pleasurable experience for her.

The Ear

Ears are not only useful for hearing and applying jewelry.

They are also a very erogenous zone of the female body.

By nibbling, licking and kissing them, you elevate her arousal tremendously.

Try to avoid blowing into her ear as this can actually cause discomfort and ruin the moment.

Your soft, natural breathing near her ear is more effective than blowing.

Also, focus on the outer ear and the earlobe in particular.

These are highly sensitive parts of the ear.

By focusing on her erogenous zones you could actually give her multiple orgasms before you have even began intercourse.

If you want to put a smile on her face and make her really appreciate you, focus on her less obvious erogenous zones first.