Singles Online Dating – How To Tell He Is For Real

Singles Online Dating – How To Tell He Is For Real

When you join a singles online dating site for the first time, you don’t really know what to expect.

You have never used this method of meeting people before.

After receiving a message from a member via email, you check his profile. 

The two of you start communicating via email.

Everything is going splendidly but you are beginning to wonder if this person is too good to be true.

In other words, is he for real?

Here are a few ways to tell if he is.

How Quickly Does He Respond To Your Emails?

Just because you are online dating doesn’t mean that there aren’t similarities to real life courtship.

When you meet someone in your regular day to day life and start dating them, the both of you will communicate via phone or email typically.

If you don’t hear from this person on a regular basis it’s a good indicator that he has low or little interest.

But if you hear from him often and there is continuous communication, it indicates a high level of interest.

The same rule applies for singles online dating.

If he responds to your emails quickly and you are not waiting for a week for him to respond, then that is a good indicator that he is for real.

Does He Answer Your Questions?

Take note of whether he answers your questions.

Sometimes, people can be communicating back and forth and at the end of it, not really know that much about each other.

That is when the realization that one if not both of them have not really been forthcoming in their answers.

For example, if you ask him about an event he attended and in his response, he completely ignores that question and talks about something completely different, that may be an indicator that he is not for real.

Doing this often shows that he is not really paying attention to your emails.

On the other hand, if he answers every question you ask, then he is for real.

The dating site you choose may also be to your advantage.

How Often Does He Use Your Name In His Responses?

People often refer to someone that they are comfortable with by their first name repeatedly. It’s a sign of familiarity.

When he continuously refers to you by your name, it indicates that you are someone unique to him.

Oftentimes when a member doesn’t refer to you by name on a regular basis it may be because they are communicating with too many other women.

It’s hard to keep up with names when that is the case.

But if he is using your name often in his email responses then he is definitely for real.

Does He Remember Specific Details? 

Referring to specific details that were discussed in past conversations is a good indicator that he is for real

For example, if you had previously mentioned that you liked to gaze at the stars at night and he mentions that in an email much later, it shows that he was paying attention.

Remembering specific details are so important in being able to tell if he is for real or not.

Have The Two Of You Exchanged Contact Information?

No matter how great your emails to each other have been on the dating site, it is important to understand that there is a time when contact information has to be exchanged.

If the two of you have been communicating for well over two months and he hasn’t asked for your contact information, there is a strong possibility that he is not for real.

Has he given you his personal contact information?

Has he asked for yours? If the answer is yes, then he is for real.

It isn’t hard to tell if he is for real or not. 

You will be able to tell by using these indicators.