Online Dating – Myths About Online Dating

Online Dating - Myths About Online Dating

There are lots of myths that seem to permeate popular culture about online dating.

Even though online dating has become a very popular medium for dating, these myths still persevere.

Here are a few.

Myth 1 – Online Dating Is For The Socially Inept

There is a prevailing myth that online dating is only for those who have some sort of social inadequacies.

These people are thought to be those who are simply too socially awkward to meet people in real life and hence find a date.

Truth – All kinds of people use online dating as a means to meet people, not just the socially inept.

Myth 2 – Online Dating Steals Your Personal Identity

Operators of online dating sites are scam artists who entice you to become a member only to use your personal information to take advantage of you.

These dating sites will take that personal information and sell it to the highest bidder in order to gain financial rewards.

They will also use your image to promote various products across the internet without your permission.

Truth – All reputable dating sites are secure.

Myth 3 – Online Dating Is Fake

Online dating is a waste of time.

It takes advantage of desperately lonely people who never end up with anyone.

It is fake and sucks people in only to keep milking them for money.

It renders a promise that it never delivers on and is simply fake to the core.

Truth – Many have found marriage and life long partners online.