Why Did My Previous Situationship Reach Out When He Saw Me On A Dating App?

Why Did My Previous Situationship Reach Out When He Saw Me On A Dating App?

There is a familiarity that comes with a previous situationship that doesn’t go away.

Seeing your dating profile on a dating app triggered him.

It caused him to recall the time spent with you in a situationship.

He heard your voice in his mind.

He recalled a conversation or two.

He remembered the sexual chemistry.

Seeing your dating profile on a dating app brought that all back.

Right then, he felt a desire to reach out.

Guys have a propensity to go back to what they know.

What they know is safe.

Since he has already had a situationship with you, he is of the mindset that you would be receptive to his message or signal of interest.

For guys, going back or reconnecting with someone of whom a previous romantic or intimate relationship had already been established is motivated by their belief that doing so increases the chances they receive a positive response.

He hasn’t had that much luck meeting new dating prospects on the dating app.

Seeing your dating profile was like seeing an old friend in a crowded room of strangers.

It was like a breath of fresh air.

Though your situationship with him was in the past, you are someone he is familiar with, which makes you a friendly face to him in a sea of unfriendly ones.

Reaching out to you was his way of relieving the strain of being on a dating app and not having had the best experience so far.

Keeping this in mind, don’t get excited over him reaching out to you.

You are a familiar face in a sea of unfamiliar ones and the thought that you would give him a friendlier response than what he has so far experienced on a dating app is his motivation.

Several of the messages or interest signals he has sent to women of interest on the dating app haven’t been responded to.

He has started conversations with women that fizzled out.

He has set up dates with women who have ghosted him by not showing up or canceling on the date.

When he saw your dating profile, he felt relief.

As aforementioned, it triggered a number of good memories he has of you.

This doesn’t mean that he has had a change of heart about you and is hoping to pursue a serious relationship with you this time around.

If he wanted a serious relationship with you, the previous situationship would have graduated to a committed relationship.

It never did.

That hasn’t changed.

He isn’t reaching out to make amends and chart a new course towards commitment.

He is just looking for a friendly response from a familiar face.

A response that makes him feel better about how badly his online dating venture has been going.

It does you no good to read too much into him reaching out to you.

You are better off not responding at all.

The last thing you want is to open a new can of worms with this guy.

All he wants is acknowledgment.

Getting yourself embroiled with him yet again is setting yourself up for massive disappointment.